Get Like DK Metcalf – Explosive Workout for Speed and Power

It’s crazy…

I’ve never seen someone make headlines like this from the NFL Combine, but one of the Ole Miss players in the NFL Combine, DK Metcalf, is taking sports headlines by storm with his freakish combine numbers.

A 4.33 40-Yard Dash,

40.5 Inch Vertical,

An 11′ 2″ Broad Jump,

At 1.6% body fat?

Okay, the last part was fake (you can’t function at a body fat percentage that low), but the rest are absolutely staggering numbers that show how much of a genetic freak this guy is.

And while freakish genetics do play a part in DK Metcalf’s success,

As a coach, I know ways to make an athlete look and perform like the fella dominating the combine.

And below, I’m going to lay out a DK Metcalf workout to make you more explosive, powerful, and faster. These are movements that I believe would be found in a Metcalf training program, and will help YOU become as explosive as him.

Let’s jump in:

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DK Metcalf Power Movements

1. Single Leg Broad Jump: 4 Sets x 10 Yards

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Acceleration is one of DK Metcalf’s strengths. Just look at his 40 yard dash. The single leg broad jump directly correlates to your ability to accelerate, and it should be a staple in a DK Metcalf training program

2. Depth to Staggered Broad Jump: 10 Sets x 1

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Here, we’re working on acceleration, as well as your ability to transfer force efficiently. The depth to broad allows you to work on lowering your contact time with the ground while maximizing the amount of force produced. This will allow you to decrease stride frequency and increase stride length. The staggered stance makes the movement more sport specific

3. Box Jump: 10 Sets x 1

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You don’t get a 40.5 inch vertical jump by jumping horizontally all the time. Yes, box jumps get a lot of hate. But I believe, when you crank up the intensity, they can be really effective for force production. Plus, they carry over really well to the vertical jump test.

DK Metcalf Strength Movements

1. A. Trap Bar Deadlift: 5×4

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Studies have shown that trap bar deadlift has the greatest carryover to speed and power. This strength movement works posterior chain strength, an important aspect of athleticism, and limits the amount of stress placed on the low back and hamstrings.

1. B. Power Bounds: 5×10 Yards

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Combining a heavy weighted movement with an explosive power movement that utilizes the same muscle group is known as complex training. It’s highly effective in increasing rate of force development. Here, we’re performing trap bar deadlift with power bounds to increase vertical jump ability.

2. A. Incline Reverse Lunge: 4×6 Each

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Here’s another movement that’s specific to your ability to accelerate, except in this movement, we’re not working rate of force development, just straight up force.

When you perform this movement, be sure to keep the weight on the front leg to maximize the effectiveness.

2. B.  SL Romanian Deadlift: 4×6 Each

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This movement will work on hip extension and the posterior chain in general. As you may know, the hip plays a big role in both the vertical jump and any horizontal production, so it’s important to keep those posterior muscles strong and powerful. That’s what we’re doing here.

DK Metcalf Core

1. Sprinter Sit Up: 3×10 Each

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A prolific sprinter and jumper like DK Metcalf has to integrate the upper and lower extremities. He does this through core exercises. The sprinter sit-up mimics a sprint, while heavily stimulating the core, which makes it a great movement for any athlete.

2. Seated Twist: 3×15 Each

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The more stable you are during your running and jumping, the more effective you’ll be. If you’re unstable, you’ll experience energy leaks. This movement combines stability training with a rotational element. It also forces you to maintain strong posture for the entire duration of the movement.

Metcalf Workout Plan Final Notes

This lower body explosive workout is for total performance. Both sprinting and jumping will improve if you followed a plan like this on a regular basis.

DK Metcalf is no doubt a physical specimen, but with hard work and careful planning, a hungry enough athlete could creep up to his caliber.

However, in 2020, there’s another FREAK athlete who’s going to make headlines. His name is Isaiah Simmons. And he’s another physical specimen. To see his workout, click here.

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