Bounce Like Zion – How to Get a Zion Williamson Vertical Jump

It’s no secret, Zion Williamson was given more genetic gifts than the amount of gifts Bill Gates’s son received on Christmas morning.

He’s 6 foot 7, 285 pounds, and has a 40+ inch vertical jump…

But it’s not just Zion Williamson’s vertical jump that stands out. It’s his ability to elevate high into the air in less than a fraction of a second, under any circumstance.

Yes, everybody wants to learn how to jump like Zion. And while you can’t get to the same exact level as Zion Williamson because… you’re not Zion Williamson, you CAN get closer to his level.


Not just by doing your run of the mill plyometrics and weight training…

No, that’s not enough.

You have to trick your body.


Your body has underlying neuromuscular mechanisms that regulate how high you can propel your body off the ground, how fast you can run, and even how much weight you can move.

And if you hope to jump like Zion, you have to be aware of these neuromuscular mechanisms.

Below, I’m going to go over three of them, and, at the end, I’ll share how to manipulate them. Let’s jump in:

GTO Inhibition

Inside your muscles, there are little components called muscle spindles. These muscle spindles are responsible for detecting changes in the length of muscle. If a muscle stretches too far, they send messages to the brain telling it to contract the muscle.

There also components that do just the opposite of the muscle spindles. These components are called Golgi tendon organs.

These receptors are responsible for detecting changes in muscle tension. If a muscle contracts too hard, the GTO send messages to the brain telling it to relax the muscle.

This process is GTO inhibition.

Here’s the issue:

The Golgi tendon organs are overactive, and tell the brain to relax a contraction at 60% of the muscle’s actual contraction capacity… Meaning your muscles are actually stronger and more powerful than the level they perform at.

To use more muscle capacity in your vertical jump, strength training, and running, you need to manipulate this mechanism.

Motor Unit Recruitment

Motor units are components of muscle that coordinate muscle contractions. To achieve a stronger and more powerful contraction, your muscles must utilize larger motor units.

So, if you want to get a Zion Williamson vertical jump, part of that is recruiting more, and larger, motor units.

Thing is, in traditional strength training, and even plyometrics, you’re only utilizing a handful of the large, fast-twitch motor units, and a majority of smaller motor units.

To harness the power of the larger motor units, you have to trick your body in a way I’ll share below.


When you perform any movement, to achieve maximum force output, your muscles must perform a series of anatomical mechanisms. This is called synchronization.

One way to develop this process is by simply training. Performing exercises and developing more efficient movements gets the body adjusted to moving a certain way, and can make your synchronization better.


There’s a specific way to train that will send your synchronization ability through the roof. One that will also make you more powerful.

How Do You Manipulate These Processes?

A few years ago, I jumped 44 inches.

It took months of training, testing, and returning to the drawing board, but after six months of that, I finally found a formula that worked.

Part of that formula was manipulating the mechanisms I mentioned above.

And I shared HOW to manipulate those mechanisms inside of my FREE Advanced Vertical Series.

In just a 5 minute video (maybe less) I share this valuable secret that can literally level up your bounce, and possibly, get you a Zion Williamson vertical.

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