The 3 Pillars of Speed Development for Faster Sprinting

Over my decade-plus of training athletes, I’ve had the unique opportunity of analyzing the common traits of the fastest athletes. And I’ve boiled those commonalities down to 3 pillars.
I’ve labeled them the 3 Pillars of Speed Development.
And these 3 Pillars aren’t just supported by my experience. After I did some digging, I discovered that the most recent research in exercise science supports my pillars as being massively important to build speed.
That’s not me flexing. That’s me letting you know that these pillars aren’t anything to squint at.
So, I want to share these pillars with you, so that you can use them to build elite levels of speed for yourself…
In future posts, I’ll go deeper into each one, so you can get a clearer idea of how they provide oomph behind your sprint. And so you can develop them to get faster.

1. Relative Force Production

What is Relative Force Production?
 Relative force production is the amount of force you produce relative to your bodyweight.
As an example, if you weigh 200 pounds and have a vertical of 40 inches, and someone else weighs 200 pounds and has a 35 inch vertical, you have higher relative force production.
And obviously, the higher your relative force production is, the faster you’ll move down the field
Why Is Relative Force Production Important?
If you don’t have sufficient RFP, you’ll be heavy-footed when you strike the ground. Not just that, but also your strides will be weak and short, and you’ll struggle to accelerate and maintain top speed.
Even worse, some athletes who lack Relative Force Production collapse as they make contact with the ground. This can lead to non-contact injuries or general pain later down the line.

How to Improve Your Relative Force Production

There are multiple methods you can use to increase your relative force production.

The first tool you should use to do this is with Absolute Strength training. In a future post I’ll dive deeper into the best methods to improve absolute strength.

Some other useful tools are plyometrics and Triphasic training.

2. Acceleration Mechanics

What are Acceleration Mechanics?
Acceleration mechanics are the determining factor in how fast you build to your top speed. They come down to your stance, steps, and start.
If a single one of those is off, you’ll lower the rate that you build speed.
Why are Acceleration Mechanics Important? 
In one research study, sprinting researchers found that if two athletes are equal to each other in everything besides the start in a 100m race, the athlete with less efficient sprinting mechanics will lose that race by one full second.
In a 100m race, that’s like losing a basketball game by 30.
How to Improve Your Acceleration Mechanics
As I said above, your acceleration mechanics come down to three things: stance, start, and steps. You have to fine tune the details of each of those aspects of acceleration to improve the rate at which you build speed.

3. Frontside/Backside Mechanics

What are Frontside/Backside Mechanics?
Frontside/Backside Mechanics have to do with the top speed of your sprint. When you have them honed in, you’ll be able to produce 100% more force in your sprint.
That literally means doubling your speed.
Why Are Frontside/Backside Mechanics Important? 
The top sprinting scientists have found that we naturally run with backside dominant mechanics.That means you’re placing a cap on your force production during the sprint, and sprint speed, if you haven’t spent time to work on your speed mechanics.
How to Improve Your Frontside/Backside Mechanics
In my decade-plus of coaching athletes, I’ve rammed my head against the wall trying to find the easiest way to teach speed.
I’ve finally come up with a solution with my Isolate, Elevate, and Integrate method.
Essentially, I diagnose a faulty sprinting component like an illness. Then, I prescribe a drill to fix that faulty sprinting component. Finally, I reintegrate those elevated components back into the sprint.

Fix Your Mechanics for Good

My decade of experience has spoken, and the newest research has spoken…
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