Today’s pro football agility session is focused on quick lateral movement and upper body power. This is truly a progression at the end of the off season where we’re working towards being able to cut, pivot, and get up field while changing directions.


  1. Pogo jumps
  2. Single leg pogo jumps
  3. Reverse pogo jumps
  4. Lateral shuffle


  1. Reverse backpedal
  2. Reverse bound
  3. Ascending skater bounds
  4. Ascending crossover bound
  5. Crossover bound to static hold

Speed work

  1. Crossover bound to sprint
  2. Lateral crossover to turn and sprint
  3. S – runs

Watch the full workout on YouTube here.

Pro Football Training

Pro Football Player Performs Med Ball Twist

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This is a good example of a full progression going from some simple plyometric movements to more complex speed work that applies to the field with pro football agility. If you’re looking for a more in-depth approach to your football training, be sure to check out Football Performance System for a proven method to dominate the field.



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