Football guys have started to trickle back into the gym for their off-season, so today we’re doing a football linear speed workout and some general prep. The focus is really on neural-activation and fundamental patterns so they can progress in quality down the line.


Think of this as your prep-phase for speed where everything is neural… this means train fast to get fast.

  1. Power Skips for Height (2 x 50yd)
  2. Power Skips for Distance (2 x 50yd)
  3. Straight Leg Bounds (2 x 50yd)

Linear Speed Work

  1. Rapid Fire Piston Run (5 x 5yd)
  2. Butt Kick Run (5 x 5yd)
  3. Half Kneeling Starts (6 reps each side)
  4. Bent Over Starts (6 reps each side)

TIP! Keep the shoulders forward, in front of the hips. As you start driving forward, keep the hips back in that hinge position rather than thrusting the pelvis into the front chain.

Watch me take my football guys through this exact workout HERE for a better look at some solid form.

Football Performance

Linear Speed for Football

So this is what a typical day in general prep or linear speed workout for football looks like. If you’re training for football in the off-season right now, really focus on neural activation with fundamental patterns so you can eventually translate this to quality reps down the line and even quicker speed on the field.

Need some more agility work? Check out this workout

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