Jump Higher Instantly with This Weird Trick

Do you want to know how to jump higher… Today?

Maybe add 2, 3, inches in a matter of minutes?

Then buckle up and brace yourself, because I’m about to tell you something NO other coach will tell you, and something that probably goes against what you think is “common sense”.

To jump higher instantly, you’re going to stretch.

Yes, stretching is a way to instantly jump higher…

Most athletes have been told that any kind of stretching, aside from dynamic stretching, is bad. They’ve been told that stretching decreases their strength and power, and will leave their muscles long, lanky, and weak.

However, in specific situations, stretching can be beneficial to an athlete.

For example, if he has trouble squatting without his knees caving in, you could do a groin stretch to prevent the adductors from being overactive.

In this case, to jump higher, full hip extension is paramount to developing elite jumping ability. But, most athletes have overactive muscles in the hip complex that prevent them from achieving true hip extension.

These include the hip flexor, and the lower abs.

This effectively holds them back from reaching their full jumping potential and prevents them from jumping higher.

Below, I’m going to share two stretches you can use to increase your range of motion, and possibly, jump higher instantly.

Stretches to Jump Higher 1: Banded Hip Stretch

For this stretch, you’ll need a band and something to tie it around.

One: Tie your band around something stable like a rack or a pole

Two: Place the loop of the band around your leg, below the butt cheek, and above the upper hamstring.

Three: Get into a lunge position, the back leg being the leg with the band tied around it, and squeeze the glute, driving the hips forward

Four: Hold the stretch for 30-60s

This movement will work to stretch the hip flexors, a commonly tight area on almost all athletes, and one that, if ROM is restored, can help you run faster, jump higher, and be overall more explosive.

Stretches to Jump Higher 2: McKenzie Press Up

The McKenzie Press Up is targeting the lower abdominals, another commonly tight area that prevents athletes from reaching full extension in their running and jumping.

I like to do this stretch immediately after I’ve performed the hip stretch, as it primes the lower abdominals to be stretched with less interference from the hip flexors.

One: Lay flat on the ground, placing your hands right below shoulder level

Two: Extend the elbows, lifting your torso off the ground

Three: For more of a stretch, try and move the hips up towards the hands

Ending Notes

These are two simple stretches that you can add to your jumping routine to decrease the resistance you face while doing your plyometrics. Try these ones, and you could jump higher instantly. You’ll even feel the difference when you transition over to the field or court.

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