We’re back with another top speed training progression. Developing top speed and more importantly developing efficient leg cycling. Think of acceleration as that piston-like action whereas top speed is that cyclical motion of the legs. The question I’m often asked is “how do I train each of these movements and progress top speed training.” I’m going to breakdown a series of 3 different drills that we utilize in our programming with elite athletes.

When developing speed, it’s all about developing power and strength – but from a technical standpoint we really want to isolate and elevate to enhance different sequences and motor pathways. By training these over and over again, it becomes more efficient when you take it to top speed training.

This is a great progression to use if you’re focusing on developing your top speed toward the end of the off-season as you enter competition season.

1. Single Leg High-Knee

Starting with a run, keep one leg straight while focusing on driving the knee of the other leg to hip height and keeping the heel tight to the butt.

The first one we’re going to start of with is the single leg “high-knee.” This drill works on the first portion of the actual movement you create while running – or the recovery phase. This helps to teach the athlete to eliminate that long, swooping motion a lot of guys get. By developing the recovery phase, you have a more efficient stride and even more lethal speed.

The single leg high-knee asks you to focus on triple flexion (90 degrees at the hip, knee, and ankle). Check out this post that breaks it down.

2. Single Leg Step Over Run

This is a cycle-like action, but you don’t actually “pedal the bicycle” yet. Focus on stepping over the height of the opposite knee with your single working leg. Perform the single leg high-knee like before, but release the hamstring and step over, the knee.

A lot of athletes tend to contract the hamstring as they enter the drive phase. When they don’t release, this can lead to a pop and a hamstring tear.

3. Single Leg Cycling

These are important because they train a good recovery phase, bring the knee to hip height, release the hamstring and finally engage the glute to pull and drive forward. To perform this drill, straighten one both legs and take about two strides.

Put the progression together focusing on pulling one side into a full single leg cycle where you draw the leg through a full cycle and “claw” at the ground as you drive forward. Continue with two straight-leg strides between each cycle.

Athlete Performs Single Leg Step Over Run

Continue to use this sequence over and over again, and you’ll clean you top speed up, making it more efficient and increasing your top speed.

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