The Truth About Speed

Many athletes, and even coaches, don’t know the first thing about building speed.

For one, there are some coaches and athletes who believe you can’t increase your speed (then explain how I shaved 1.2 seconds off of a baseball players 60 time?).

There are other coaches who are on the boat with increasing speed, but don’t know how to do it.

Here are the mistakes they make:

  • Focusing purely on lifting to improve speed
  • Narrowing their efforts on power to increase an athlete’s speed
  • Hurling cues at an athlete in an attempt to fix the athlete’s running mechanics

And there are many other mistakes they make.

I’ve recognized these mistakes (I was guilty of some of them myself), but now I realize my wrongs…

I want to share the truth about speed…

Cues Don’t Work – Manipulate the Body Instead

Over the years, I’ve realized that many times, cues don’t work unless an athlete is advanced.

So, if cues don’t work, how do you fix someone’s sprinting mechanics?

You treat them like a car.

Here’s what I mean:

When you go to the mechanic to get your car fixed, the first thing you do is tell him the issue. You say, I hear this weird noise when I start the car, or my oil is leaking, or whatever the problem is.

With this info, the mechanic takes a look under the hood and isolates the problem.

Once he’s isolated the problem, he fixes the faulty part. He elevates the function of that part.

When that’s done, he integrates that part back into the rest of the car’s machinery so it’s running smoother, quieter, faster, or whatever.

This is how teaching speed works.

I isolate the component of the sprint their weak in.

Then, I elevate the function of that component with a particular drill.

Once that component is raised, I reintegrate that component into a full-on sprint.

It’s almost like manipulating the body into better sprinting mechanics.

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Here’s the Results Achieved in Less Than 3 Months

  • My Basketball Athlete TJ dropped his 10 yard dash time from 1.61 to 1.48
  • DB, one of my football guys, dropped his 40 time from 4.8 to 4.5
  • Andrew dropped his 60 by .45 seconds
  • Bo and Vez led their respective leagues in bases stolen

That’s Not The Only Piece

In addition to fine-tuning your sprinting mechanics, you also need force production.


Relative force production.

If you don’t know, relative force production is how much force you can produce relative to your bodyweight.

So if you weigh 200 and can broad jump 110 inches, and someone else weighs 225, and can broad jump the same distance, you have higher relative force production than them.

This is key for speed because the more force you can produce relative to your body weight, the more explosive you’ll be every time you strike the ground. This will greatly improve your stride length.

So how do you improve this?

I’ll start by telling you how NOT to improve relative force production:

  • Repeated box jumps and broad jumps
  • Slow moving compound lifts
  • Powerlifting
  • Plyometric routines you find on the internet

To really bolster your relative force production you need two things:

  1. A Plyometric Progression that Stimulates Continuous Power Gains
  2. Compound Lifts Combined With Carefully Calculated Tempos

And you can dig around the blog, and try and piece together a program.

Or, you could use my new, most up-to-date speed system I’ve ever created…

Athletic Speed System

Athletic Speed System is a 3-in-1 Speed Program that combines:

  • Speed Mechanics Training without Hurling Cues at You
  • Absolute Strength Training
  • Triphasic Training to Manipulate Your Body Into Becoming More Explosive
  • Plyometric Progressions
  • Core Training to Prevent Power Leaks

And a whole lot more.

As of right now, Athletic Speed System is available for an introductory discount.

However, if you click the link to late, you’ll be forced to pay full price.

And look, this isn’t for everybody.

If you don’t care about your speed, you’re not dedicated to your athletic performance, or you don’t like lifting heavy weight in the gym, this program isn’t for you.

Truthfully, this program requires dedication, hard work, and focus to work properly.

And if you can’t invest that, I would recommend saving your money.

However, if you are looking to improve your speed.

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