3 Movements For Bigger Shoulders

Your shoulders struggling?

Lots of guys struggle with building their shoulders, I know I did…

And those struggles held me back from getting the physique that I wanted (in my case, I wanted an athletic physique. One like LeBron, Ronaldo, or other top tier athletes).

Fortunately, I had a chance encounter with a Local Bodybuilding Legend, who taught me tips and tricks to develop this athletic look and develop my shoulders.

These Hollywood Actors are ALL chasing the Athletic Physique

In his dusty, sweaty garage, we trained with rusty, rickety cable machines,

Dented, bent, dumbbells,

And 40+ year old barbells.

During that time, he taught me how to train to add lean athletic muscle versus getting the big and bulky bodybuilder look. Especially in my shoulders.

So, today, I want to show you a shoulder circuit that will help you get bigger shoulders…

And even more, help you get the striations in your shoulders that you see in top-tier athletes... Shoulders that are functional, stable, and healthy too.

Here we go:

How To Get Big Shoulders

The shoulders consist of three heads that you must simulate in order to get big shoulders. The first head is the anterior deltoid, which resides in the front of the shoulder. Some exercises to hit the anterior deltoid are dumbbell press, front raises, push press, Arnold press, and jerks to name a few.

Most of the exercises that stimulate the anterior head of the deltoid recruit multiple muscles. This means you can build thick, dense slabs of mass on the shoulders with low, intense, repetitions.

The second head of the deltoid is the lateral deltoid. This head resides on the side of the shoulder. Some great exercises to stimulate this head are lateral raises and upright rows. There are many variations you can perform here, such as lateral raises on an incline bench, and lying upright rows.

Most guys struggle to build mass on the lateral head of the deltoid, because they make the mistake of trying to go low rep, high intensity. However, the opposite is true here. The lateral head of the deltoid responds to high volume, and lower intensity.

The last head of the deltoid is the posterior deltoid, commonly called the rear deltoid. The rear delts are another common problem area for most guys, because people don’t know how to hit them properly. I won’t explain how to stimulate this head any further because I’ll explain it below.

Shoulder Training Circuit for Bigger Shoulders

The shoulder circuit I’m about to share targets the upper back, a notoriously weak and underdeveloped area in most people. It’s important to stimulate shoulder development in this area for injury prevention, AND aesthetics… The upper back is an area that, when developed, can make you look stronger and chiseled… It’s also an area that women GAWK at.

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To effectively develop this area, we’re going to work external rotation of the shoulder, build a stable shoulder girldle, and just make the shoulders healthier while simultaneously making them look more aesthetic.

Enough build-up:

A. Dump the Buckets – 10 reps

B. Chest Supported Incline Rear Delt Raise (w/ external rotation) – 15 reps

C. Chest Supported Plate Press – 20 reps

You’ll perform 3 sets, with one minute of rest in between sets.

This Shoulder Circuit Sucks

To be honest, adding a shoulder circuit to your current routine sucks… It’s like putting a new battery in a car with no wheels.

Because in order to get bigger shoulders,

You need to have a mixture of heavy lifts to build thicker, dense muscles (think Julio Jones),

Higher volume to develop lean, athletic muscle that POPS when people see it (think Joel Embiid),

And more.

I learned how to do all of this when I worked out with the Local Bodybuilding Legend mentioned above…

Rep ranges, techniques, and intensities that you need to follow in order to transform your physique, look good shirtless, and lift heavier weight.

To discover these parameters, and use them for yourself,

Head down below:

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