Lateral change of direction work is one of the most important elements of speed to work on as athlete. Whether you’re juking out defensemen or simply working through an agility series during your training, the ability to move quickly from side to side is essential to make you fast and efficient in the gym or on the field.

Short Shuttle Run


The short shuttle run is an effective training drill to develop quick feet and increase your ability to move laterally, faster. During competition, you are constantly performing unprecedented movements from a run or even a stand still. That’s why practicing with a drill like the short shuttle can benefit your ability to move at top speed, no matter what direction.

The short shuttle falls under the change of direction category of movement, as it has you move side to side between cones as fast as possible. Even if a lateral shuffle is only a short transitional movement on the field or court, it’s still seen frequently in sports all across the board. I would typically program this drill into the speed portion of a lower body workout, or as a warm-up if it’s a speed sprint focused session.

How to do the short shuttle run:

To perform the short shuttle, equally set up 3 cones in a straight line. Each should be about 5 feet apart from one another. Get yourself into an athletic stance directly in front of the middle cone with your hips pushed back. On the cue of a training partner or coach you’ll explode into a lateral shuffle, moving to the right first until you reach the next cone. Touch the ground and immediately explode over to the farthest, opposite cone.

You’ll have to do a crossover step directly into a quick explosion, helping to build power and acceleration.


The short shuttle is best programmed after a solid warm-up and some low level plyometrics to prep the lower limb and fully prep the body. Aim for about 2-3 rounds of 1 repetition (starting from each direction). Finish it up with a lower body strength session like this or vertical jump and plyometrics.

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