Today I’m taking you through the full daily dynamic warm up that you should be using before every single workout. This is the best way to get a general warm up before your training session starts. The goal is to begin activating the nervous system and warming the body’s temperature helping to prevent injury and increase your ability during the workout.

Daily dynamic warm up

This is the exact daily dynamic warm up I use with all of my elite athletes. They come in and know to get started right away on this program:

Daily Dynamic Warm Up

Every movement will each go for about 10yds

  1. High knee tuck: you should be stepping through and pulling the knee up to the chest as high as you possibly can with every step.
  2. High knee run: this will be a little more dynamic. Focus on pumping the arms, getting the knees up high and keeping the chest up. Get as many reps as you can in 10yds with a soft step as you land.
  3. Hurdler stretch: as you walk forward, grab the top of your foot to stretch the quad. Push the hips forward to increase the stretch with a pause at every step.
  4. Butt kick run: think about firing the hamstrings off. Again focus on a lot of soft steps, pumping the arms and pulling the foot to the glute.
  5. Figure 4: grab the ankle and pull the leg across so the foot moves toward the opposite hip. This should be a good release for the outer hip and the pirformis muscle. Keep the chest lifted the whole time and avoiding dipping it down towards the chest.
  6. Straight leg march: walk forwards lifting each leg straight out in front of you to reach your hand toward the opposite foot. Avoid dropping the chest down but rather activate the lower abs to lift the leg as close to hip height as possible.
  7. Walking lunge: the focus here should be on getting a good stretch and mobilizing the hip. Drop the knee down low with each step.
  8. Reverse lunge: you don’t have to focus on taking as big a step this time. Focus on balance and coordination and try to eliminate that middle “stutter step” going directly into the next rep.
  9. Lateral lunge: think about pushing the hips back as much as possible, sinking down into each foot. Drive up through the whole foot to stand with each rep.
  10. Dynamic waiters bow: kick one leg out in front of you, pulling the toes up toward the shin. Fully extend the leg out as you dive the chest down to stretch the hamstring and low back.

Ground Movement

  1. Bodyweight prisoner squats x 10 – pull the hands behind the head keeping the chest lifted and the elbows out wide.
  2. Overhead toe touch x 5 each side – lift the right foot off the ground and lift the right arm over your head. From here sink the hips back reaching the hand down to touch your left toes. Fully reach back overhead with each rep and switch sides.
  3. Fire hydrants x 5 with a pause / 5 fluid pace each side – fully lift the knee up to hip height.
  4. Hip circles x 5 with a pause / 5 fluid pace each side – extend the leg all the way behind you with each rep and keep the knee lifted as high as you can.

From here you can go into more sport specific warmups like:

Pre-game warm up for basketball

Warm up drill to sprint faster

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