Today I’m going to run you through this speed, agility, and lower body power workout. I went through this session with my baseball athletes earlier this week, but you can apply this to any sport training protocol.

Lower Body Strength Workout

Lower Body Warm-Up

I always start my athletes off with a full, total body warm-up to get the body prepared. Once you feel totally warm, it’s helpful to move onto some movement or workout specific warm-up stretches or that should further help you engage the proper muscles. Here’s a few warm-up movements we hit:

Agility + Sprint Work

Following your warm-up, move into some low level agility work that will prepare the nervous system for quick movement. Aim for two sets of each, of the following agility movements:

  • Forward / Lateral / Backward pogo jumps x 30 seconds each 
  • Forward and reverse shuffle x 30 seconds each 
  • Forward and backward line hops x 8 seconds each (as many reps as possible)
  • Single leg forward and backward line hops x 8 seconds each (as many reps as possible)
  • Skips for height x 20 yards
  • Skips for distance x 20 yards 
  • Straight leg bounds x 20 yards 
  • Power shuffle x 20 yards 
  • Backward shuffle x 10 yards 
  • Cone lateral shuffle
  • Lateral kneel-to-sprint x 10 yards each 
  • Lateral kneel-to-sprint with change of direction x 10 yards down and back 

Lower Body Power Workout

For the final portion of our lower body power workout, go through this strength training session focused on power. Each repetition should be all-out effort.

  1. Trap bar deadlift x 6 reps
  2. Bench step downs x 10 each leg 
  3. Isometric barbell split squat x 8 seconds each
  4. Banded side-lying iso clam hold x 30 seconds each
  5. Goblet lateral step out to lunge x  5 each side
  6. Banded lateral circle press x 30 seconds each
  7. Partner hamstring curl iso hold x 30 seconds 

Watch the full workout below:

This workout in particular would be great for the first two weeks of your season, focusing on quality of repetition and incrementally building up the volume over each week. If you want to skip the guess work and get the most out of your baseball season, go ahead and check out the link below for a full and effective baseball program.



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