Pogo Jumps - vertical jump warmup

What Does This Drill Work?

Pogo jumps are great for athletes to work on developing a bounce in their step and power through the lower limb. This drill uses most muscles of the lower limbs, especially those of the back chain.

How to Perform a Pogo Jumps?

Pogo jumps are repetitive jumps where you apply as much force through the ankles as possible. Every time you land, think about absorbing all the force created before pushing off the balls of your feet to pop up again. Swing your arms to create momentum, aiming for max height on every single rep.

Be sure to focus on not locking out the knees or the hips, while also not completely bending at either joint.

You can watch how to perform a pogo jump here.ย 

Common Mistakes:

The most common mistake I see when performing pogo jumps, is bending too much at the knee. This usually slows the pogo jumps down when they should be quick and responsive on the balls of the feet.

How and when to program this movement?

This movement is a great addition to any vertical jump training. Use pogo jumps as a part of your warm-up for a lower body session then hit a few vertical attempts.

Programming parameters?

Perform 2-3 sets of pogo jumps for 10-20 seconds.

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