Get Quicker With This Plyometric Circuit for Acceleration

The other day, I put up a blog post declassifying acceleration and how to improve it. Today, I figured I’d give more info on how to get quicker by sharing a plyometric circuit for acceleration.

Now, you might already know that for maximum velocity, or top speed, you need to place an emphasis on vertical force production.

But, for acceleration, it’sย all horizontal force. That means you’ll see bilateral and unilateral plyometrics designed to help you propel yourself forward.

Ready to see what’s good?

Let’s dive in:

Plyometric Circuit for Acceleration

  1. Triple Jumps

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Triple jumps are a basic movement that many people get wrong. The goal of this movement is to build up to a BIG third jump. That means that during the first two jumps, you can’t jump so far that you lose control.

Aside from form talk, you can perform these starting from a staggered stance to make them more sports specific.

Reps: 4 Total

2. Single-Leg Triple Jumps

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This move’s a little bit more aggressive, and may be tough for some athletes. If you need to, take some time to build up your single leg stability before attempting these.

As far as form goes, same rules apply as above – keep control of the body during the first two jumps for aย big explosive third jump.

Reps: 4 Total

3. Power A-Skips

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The A-Skip is normally used as a standard mechanics drill. In this plyometric circuit, however, the Power A-Skip is teaching the athlete to produce force by stabbing at the ground, a common acceleration cue of mine.

Reps: 2 x 10 yards

4. Alternating Bounds

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The final move in this plyometric circuit for acceleration is the alternating bound. These teach you to produce force in the acceleration position (forward body and shin angle), and will carry over perfectly to the first three steps of your start.

Reps: 2 x 10 yards

Final Notes

This plyometric circuitย will teach you how to produce more force when accelerating, If you do this circuit 3-4 times a week, you will definitely see improvements in your first step explosiveness, 10 time, and more.

Elite athletes do what others won’t.

If this is what you need, if it’s addressing a weakness, will you stick to it?

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Yes, acceleration is important.

It’s sexy.

But, it’s not the whole pie. There are other aspects of speed like top speed, and even change of direction, that should be accounted for to create a complete speed athlete.

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