Increase Your Speed Instantly

Whether you’re a track athlete, football player, soccer player, or any type of power athlete, you understand the significance of speed and precision in your movements. Winning margins are often determined by these attributes, making it essential to have the best training program and tools at your disposal. In this blog post, we’ll take you through a step-by-step warm-up routine designed to boost your speed, agility, and overall athleticism.

Foot and Ankle Strength

One crucial aspect of improving speed is to focus on the foot and ankle, which play a vital role in your stride and movement. Incorporate various pogo jump exercises into your warm-up routine to enhance foot and ankle strength. These exercises bypass the knee and concentrate on developing elastic strength in the foot and ankle, contributing to better performance.

Perfecting the Pogo Jumps

When performing pogo jumps, ensure proper technique and form. Aim for a light and controlled landing with each jump, minimizing the impact on the knees. Practice different variations of pogo jumps to challenge your foot and ankle muscles and improve their responsiveness. For example, you can try forward-backward pogo jumps and lateral pogo jumps to target different muscle groups.

Balance with Heel Walks

To complement the pogo jumps, incorporate heel walks into your warm up routine. Heel walks involve raising your toes while walking on your heels, which helps strengthen the calf muscles and enhances ankle stability. Performing these exercises on your way back from the pogo jumps will aid in maintaining balance and further improve your foot and ankle strength.

You can significantly enhance your speed and athleticism by prioritizing foot and ankle strength through a well-structured warm-up routine. Remember to focus on proper form and gradually increase the intensity of your exercises as you progress. So, gear up with this step-by-step warm-up routine and unleash your full potential as a faster and more agile athlete!


As you progress thru your LINEAR SPEED WARM-UP,ย  next up is the integration of your knee through a series of hops. As coach Chris Barnard mentions in the video, these are part of the progression into engaging your joints in the ankle, knee, and hip almost like a shock absorber.


Next in the SPEED warm-up, will be a series of power skips which will be split into two variants – power skips for height and power skips for distance.

Power Skips for Heightย 

By incorporating power skips for height into your warm-up, you’ll train your body to generate explosive upward movements, activating essential muscle groups like your legs and core. As you soar higher with each skip, you’ll enhance your ability to transfer vertical force into your top-speed strides.

Power Skips for Distance

While performing these skips, focus on engaging your glutes. Your glute muscles are fundamental for generating power and stability during acceleration and deceleration. By harnessing the strength of your glutes, you’ll improve your stride efficiency and overall speed.

Incorporating sports-specific sprints, power bounds, and speed drills tailored to their needs ensures continuous progress and peak performance. Remember, each phase serves a unique purpose in an athlete’s journey, so embrace the challenge, stay dedicated, and witness the remarkable transformation in your speed and athletic abilities.

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