Sprinter sit ups are one of my most used core drills with athletes, and for good reason. Not only do they increase the strength and stability of the core, but also help to train the muscles involved in sprinting so you’re ready to move with speed and power up the field.

athlete performs sprinter sit ups


Sprinter sit ups are great for teaching your body to move quickly… this is important because if you want to be fast you’ve got to train fast.

The movement itself mimics that of sprinting, (aka the name) as you match your arm swing to the drive of the legs. This also develops strength in the muscles of the deep core and hip flexors which are important if you want to sprint quickly and efficiently. Specifically, sprinter sit ups will target the iliapsoas, tensor fasciae latae, pectinous, rectus abdominis, and the adductor group. Core integration is essential to athletic movement… I have a great post on why here.

How to do sprinter sit ups?

Begin seated on the floor with the legs slightly bent out in front of you and arms by your sides. Lower yourself back into a half hollow hold position where you balance on the low back with the chest and legs lifted.

You can start to move as if you’re sprinting by straightening and lowering one leg down along the floor while simultaneously moving the opposite arm in swing so the hand reaches up to your face. Move slowly at first to get the rhythm and then begin adding more speed in so that you’re moving efficiently and with solid form.

Watch how to do sprinter sit ups here.

Common Mistakes

A lot of guys will end up doing this too slowly and that’s just lazy to put it frankly. Like I said earlier – if you want to get fast, train fast. That’s why you should think of doing these at a sprint pace, but only so fast that you can actually maintain good form.


Sprinter sit ups are the perfect drill to add onto any workout for athletes. Core strength and stability can make or break an athlete so I recommend working these into upper or lower body sessions a few times a week… go for 3 rounds of 20 reps total (alternating both sides).


Baseball Speed Workout Drill

Let’s be honest… speed dominates in every sport.

If you have a quick step and can out-move anybody on the field, you’ve got a future ahead of you. That’s why adding in speed training to your gym workouts is essential to stepping up your game.

There’s a lot more that goes into developing deadly speed though… you need the 3 pillars of speed training:

  1. Relative Force Production
  2. Acceleration Mechanics
  3. Max Velocity Mechanics

Consider this your recipe for success this season, no matter what sport you play.

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