Here at Overtime Athletes we work on a lot of sprint drills to bring our speed to the next level, but a lot of guys are still missing stability. If that’s you, here’s 4 core exercises for athletes to get fast.

Athlete Performs 4 way ground start

One of my the most common questions I get asked is about the best circuits to train the trunk or improve the strength of one’s core.

A lot of guys start out their athletic career thinking they need to train for “abs.”

The truth is that you’ll only become a stronger sprinter when you train the entire core. This is made up of the Transverse Abdominis, the Oblique’s, the Multifidus which runs along the spine, and the Rectus Abdominis (known as the six-pack).

The way I typically coach my athletes through core training is with circuits that involve both weights and integrated movement.

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This makes you more efficient at both sprinting linearly, as well as through all the cuts you take juking guys out on the field.

Depending on the athlete and what they need for their sport, I like to focus on certain areas of core training such as stability, flexion through the abdominals or even rotation.

Here are 4 core exercises for athletes to get fast.

Let’s go.


Athlete Training

When an athlete needs to develop more stability to enhance their sprinting speed and technique, I like them to perform different variations of planks.

You’ll do 20 repetitions of each movement.

  1. Plank Press Ups x 20

Athlete Performs Plank Press Up Athlete Performs Plank Press Up







Starting in an elbow plank position, one arm at a time you’ll press up to a high plank. Think about keeping the hips steady by activating the core and replacing the elbow with the hand with each rep.

Think about keeping the entire bottom half of your body strong and stable as you press up. This allows you to integrate the upper body as you stabilize the core.

Switch up the starting arm each time completing 10 reps from each side.

  1. Plank Rolls x 10 each

Athlete Performs Plank Rolls

Starting in an elbow plank again, you’re going to alternate rolling each hip down to the ground.

Now as you’re maintaining stability in the upper body, you’ll begin to add in some rotation. As you keep good contact between your elbows and the floor, allow a stretch within the abs as if you’re reaching that hip to the floor.

You’re going to complete a total of 20 reps to hit 10 on each side.

  1. Plank Hip Lifts x 20 each

Athlete Performs Plank Hip Lifts

For this one you’ll begin in a side plank with your elbow at 90 degrees on the ground. Keep the hips and feet stacked on top of one another. You’re going to dip the hips down until you feel a stretch.

Lift the hips up as high as possible until you hit 20 reps on each side.

  1. Plank Bird Dog x 10 each

Athlete Performs Plank Bird Dogs

Come to a high plank position bringing the feet slightly wider than the hips.

From here you’ll alternate lifting the opposite hand and the opposite foot together, so you have to really engage the core and balance on one hand and one foot.

Continue alternating until you reach 10 each side for a total of 20 reps.


Top Speed Mechanics

Complete these 4 exercises for athletes to get fast by setting a timer for 5 minutes. I want you to challenge yourself to complete as many rounds as possible in that time.

You can continue to revisit this circuit and see how many more rounds you can get in as you get stronger.

There’s obviously a lot more that goes into becoming a fast sprinter than a strong core.

You need footwork, reaction training, and agility to become your absolute best.

There’s even particular ways to program your lifting that make you faster and more powerful.

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