Arc Running Basketball Agility Drill

When it comes to basketball agility drills, most hoopers do one of two things. They either DON’T perform any kind of agility drills, just hooping hoping to more agile, or, they use those, mostly useless, agility ladders (I’ll talk about why they’re useless another time).

Thing is, basketball players need both lateral quickness, AND, they need to be able to run in arcs.

Here’s what I mean:

In basketball you have to run around picks, make round cuts for the ball, and run plays that involve you running cutting around the three point line.

Plus, you need to efficiently run arcs to move without the ball effectively and make cuts to the basket.

Because of this, you need to make it a point to train this skill, because many athletes don’t use proper mechanics when they run in these arc patterns.

When you develop this skill, it will allow you to defend players through picks, and in general, with ease. Not only that, but you’ll be able to make faster cuts around picks and to the ball, which will allow you to score more buckets.

Let’s get into this agility drill for basketball players.

The Basketball Agility Drill

For this drill, all you need are a couple of cones and some turf or grass. To start, spread the cones out into a semi-circle that’s about 3-5 yards in diameter. Then, start at one end of the semi-circle, run around the arc, and finish at the other end.

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The points of emphasis on the drill are as follows:

  1. Keep a low base
  2. Tilt your head towards the cones
  3. Keep your outside arm in (prevents it from flailing, which creates energy leaks)


Before you pick any agility drill, first, you must consider the demands of the sport. If you waste time developing skill on agility ladders, you’ll see little to no carryover to the game.


When you add change of direction, lateral quickness, and arc-running drills to your training program, you’ll see almost immediate carryover to the court.

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Another skill you need to be effective on the court is solid jumping ability. Few years back, I developed this skill myself.

I achieved a 44″ vertical jump. While I didn’t measure my approach jump height, I can imagine that it would be even higher.

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