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One of my elite basketball athletes has just 2 weeks left until the start of his season, so we’re getting focused with this vertical jump workout for basketball. At the start of any athlete’s off-season, we rebuild strength by utilizing low-level plyometrics, isometric training, and greater rep ranges. Then as we progress towards the competitive season, the focus shifts towards power and in this case, vertical jump for basketball players.

Each workout is a condensed version; a microcosm if you will – for the entire season. We start with a good warm-up using low-level plyometrics and sprint technique drills before moving into strength and power.

Below is the exact workout I had this athlete go through the other day. The focus should be on quick feet, and explosive power. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Vertical Jump Workout for Basketball

Use this 10 minute plyometric workout specific to basketball players, to prep your entire body for movement. This  specifically focuses on activating the hips and lower body.

You can also use this speed warm-up series to fully prep your nervous system and prepare for explosive movement.

Bands are also a great tool for warming up. You can purchase my full set of OTA bands with every length and resistance you’ll need for any vertical jump workout here.

Low-Level Plyometrics

Hurdle Jump for vertical jump

  • Approach jumps over a hurdle
  • Hurdle jumps x 3
  • Lateral steps to tuck jump

Go through each drill 2 times

Strength Training

Safety Bar reverse lunge

1A. Safety squat bar reverse lunges x 8-10 each side

1B. Heavy KB swing x 20

1C. Front-loaded deceleration step-down x 10-12 each side

Go through this set 3 times 

Single leg decelerations

2A. Front-loaded KB lateral lunge x 8-10 each side

2C. Nordic Curls x 10

Go through this set 3 times 

I always suggest finishing up any workout with a few exercises that target the core, followed by a cool down and some type of recovery. Your workout isn’t worth much if you don’t follow it up with light stretching to allow for muscle recovery.

More Vertical Jump Workouts/Training for Basketball Season

To see me train with TJ, check out this video below:

If you’re a basketball player looking to increase your bounce, agility, and overall explosiveness… or in other words just stepping up your game this upcoming basketball season, I highly suggest you check out my program Built 2 Ball.

I started training with TJ when he was just a rookie in his third season. He was soon after, chosen as a 1st round pick, signing with the Pacers after making some huge physical changes in the gym. In just ONE off-season.

So my question to you is, what kind of changes could you make with an off-season? See for yourself:




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