I wanted to share with you guys the exact superset for power I use to develop contrast or complex training. This combines a resistance movement which you’ll transfer to become a dynamic movement. To do this I love using this particular superset for power including reps, and set ranges.

We’ve had a lot of football guys in the gym recently, having great success with this superset for power. I’m going to share with you guys the exact rep, set, X scheme I use.

1. Isometric Trap Bar Deadlift

The first drill in this superset for power is the trap bar deadlift. Great for building back-chain power, you’ll perform 3 sets of 10 second isometric holds. To set up, set the pins low on a squat rack (about 3 or 4 notches up). Bring your trap bar to the squat rack, so either side makes contact with the pins as you stand up. Your job is to create as much tension as possible, using nothing but the resistance to create work. Each set changes the range of motion as follows:

Set 1: Hold the trap bar at parallel depth so the hips are even with the knees.

Set 2: Hold from a quarter squat position. You can think about this as holding at the exact depth from which you’d set up for a vertical  jump, with the hips now just slightly above parallel.

Set 3: Hold the trap bar at just above a quarter squat. Make sure to keep the hips pushed back to work the glutes and hamstrings rather than low back.

After you finish each set of 10 second holds, REST for about :45 second to a 1:15 before hitting the next part of this superset for power.

2. Triple Jumps

On one leg, you’ll load your weight back into the hips then simultaneously swing both arms back before exploding into three consecutive jumps. Traveling as far as possible with each jump, perform 3 sets of 3 reps on each leg.

3 jumps = 1 rep

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Isometric Trap Bar Deadlift

Using complex supersets like this is a killer way to train for football since it build strength with isometric holds and dynamic agility through plyometric work. If you’re looking for more power training this pre-season check out Football Performance System. Focus on:

  1. First step quickness
  2. Game Speed
  3. Raw Explosiveness
  4. Competition 



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