Ja Morant Workout for Agility and Quickness

Ja’s Secret Tool for Success

Ja Morant is well known for violently pisterizing players. But, he’s also second to none in agility.

Ja Morant has the quickness to slice through defenders. He has the ability to quickly read the floor and react appropriately. And he’s incredibly crafty on defense.

All of this comes from Ja Morant’s agility.

Agility is what gives you, and Ja, the ability to make plays.

And every athlete could use more of it.

That’s why I’ve decided to hit you with a Ja Morant Workout for agility and quickness, to show you how you can get your quickness, reactions, and instincts to Ja’s level…

And hopefully…

Increase your playmaking ability on the court, field, or wherever else.

Let’s get into this Ja Morant workout for agility and quickness…

What is Agility?

Most people have it wrong when it comes to agility. When they hear the word agility, they think of ladders, or cones.

That’s wrong.

Simply, agility is change of direction with a reaction component. Yes, feet quickness, and lateral speed are part of agility…

But agility is not agility without a cognitive component.

For a concrete example of agility in action, check out this Ja Morant play:

You see Ja Morant shuffles laterally to stay with Kyrie Irving. He doesn’t bite on the pump fake and reacts appropriately to block the shot.

Here’s another display of agility:

Here, you see Morant making a move towards the basket. As the help defender approaches, Morant makes a move laterally to create an angle to the cup. He finished with grace.

Almost every single one of Morants highlights include some aspect of agility. But the point is, agility plays a huge role in Ja Morant’s success.

It can do the same for you too.

The Ja Morant Workout for Quickness and Agility

1. Single Leg Line Hops 2x10s each

How to Perform Single Leg Line Hops:

  1. Start with your knee slightly bent and your center of mass over the line
  2. Hop laterally over the line as quick as you can
  3. Make sure you don’t hop forward or backwards
  4. Also ensure your hops are uniform distance over the line

2. Cone Hops with Reaction 4x10s

Before you perform cone hops with a reaction, make sure you’re efficient at normal cone hops.

How to Perform Cone Hops with Reaction:

  1. Set up five cones about a foot apart from each other
  2. Start at the middle cone and have a partner throw a tennis ball as you progress down the cones
  3. Perform for 10 seconds then rest

3. Single Leg Broad to 90 Degree Jumps 4×3 reps

How to Perform Single Leg Broad to 90 Degree Jumps:

  1. Set up four cones in a T shape
  2. Single leg broad jump to the middle cone
  3. Immediately react off the ground and push out laterally
  4. Land softly
  5. Repeat on both legs on both sides

4. Reactive Jump Cut

How to Perform Reactive Jump Cuts:

  1. Set up five cones in a “U” shape
  2. Sprint towards the middle cone
  3. Plant your right foot
  4. Push out laterally with your right foot until you pass the far right cone
  5. Sprint forward

5. Mirror Drill

How to Perform the Mirror Drill:

  1. Set up two cones about five yards apart from each other
  2. Start facing away from your partner
  3. On “go” jump and face your partner
  4. Mirror his ever move for 5 seconds

1. A. Accommodating Back Squat 6×3

How to Perform Accommodating Back Squats:

  1. Place bands around the ends of the barbell
  2. Place the barbell on your shoulders and upper back
  3. Push the hips back and bend the knees to lower slightly above parallel
  4. Explode up

1. B. Reactive Skaters 3 Reps Each Side

How to Perform Reactive Skaters:

  1. Set up cones 2.5 yards apart from each other
  2. Start with one leg on one cone
  3. Jump out laterally to land on the opposite leg
  4. React off the ground and land at the original cone

2. Elevated Reverse Lunges 3×8 Each

How to Perform Elevated Reverse Lunges:

  1. Start with both feet on an elevated surface
  2. Step back with one leg, keeping your weight on your front leg
  3. Explode up and switch legs

3. A. Rebound Fwd Lunge 3×5 each

How to Perform a Rebound Fwd Lunge:

  1. Start with a kettlebell in front rack position
  2. Lift the leg you’re going to land on
  3. Have your partner push you from behind
  4. Stick the landing and explode back up

3. B. Rebound Lateral Lunge 3×5 each

How to Perform a Rebound Lateral Lunge:

  1. Start with your kettlebell in front rack position
  2. Lift the leg you’re going to land on
  3. Have your partner push you laterally
  4. Stick the landing and explode back up

4. Pallof Press 3×10 Each Side

How to Perform a Pallof Press:

  1. Tie a band around a rack
  2. Stand away from the rack with a good amount of tension on the band
  3. Start with the band at your chest, shoulders down and back
  4. Press the band out and back in
  5. Repeat for programmed reps

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Agility is the link between the weight room and the court or field.

Ja has it. And truth be told, he may not be he most athletic guy in the leg. There might be guys who can jump higher and sprint faster than him riding the bench…

But he’s got fluidity and agility.

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