Drills for linear speed

Why Use the Dead Leg Run?

The dead leg run is one of my favorite running drills for developing rhythm, speed, and front-body mechanics. The goal of isolating one side at a time is to focus on the continuous cycling motion. Creating horizontal, forward force is an essential part of developing linear speed.

Linear speed, also known as top speed – is when you reach the full expression of your sprint. The body is upright and working to utilize front-mechanics to fully cycle both legs and maximize your speed. 

Read more about the importance of sprint mechanics for top speed HERE.

How to Perform the Dead Leg Run

Start with an easy run, naturally swinging the arms. Begin to keep one leg straight, with just a natural flex at the knee like a “dead leg” while cycling the other leg. Focus on bringing the heel all the way to the ankle and pulling the knee through to hip level before releasing the hamstring, and striking the ground.

Stay on your toes, make it quick and fast. Check out how to perform the dead leg run HERE

Common Mistakes

It’s easy to get tripped up when you first try the dead leg run. Focus on the leg cycling and just relax the other side. Keep practicing on both sides.


I usually start speed workouts with drills that focus on sprint mechanics. Incorporate these into your next warm-up with 2 sets of 10 yards on each side. Check out this full workout for top speed.

Want to be the fastest guy on the field or court?

The dead leg run is a small part of the process.

To become the fastest version of yourself you’ll need…

  • Plyometrics
  • Absolute Strength Training Modalities
  • Speed Mechanics Drill
  • Elastic Strength Training Protocols
  • Advanced Core Stability Training

And a bunch more.

Thousands of athletes are currently using the Athletic Speed System to receive all those tools, and sprint faster than ever before.

If you’re serious about your speed, you should probably be doing the same.

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