3 Drills To Get Faster Instantly

Today lots of athletes are looking to get faster, quicker. And while there’s no way to improve speed overnight, there are a few great ways to activate the entire body and warm up for faster running.

Today I’m going to share with you a simple warm-up protocol to use before your sprinting. For some athletes, these exercises may even help to make you faster right after completing them.
The intention of these drills are to warm up and help to ingrain running motor patterns so that the muscular and nervous systems are both prepped for speed right away.


The Arm Pump

The arm pump drill is designed to teach the shoulders to remain relaxed while moving AND teaching the athlete to have longer levers while pumping the arms. A lot of guys run with their arm levers short, moving from only the elbow to the fingertips. This provides very little momentum to their running form.

This drill will help to improve a greater arm lever from the elbow to the shoulder: do 3 sets of 20 seconds

How to Perform the Arm Pump Drill:

  1. Begin by kneeling down on one knee. Preferably, have your dominant or power leg out in front. For 90% of you, this will be your left leg.
  2. Keep both arms totally straight, reach one arm out in front of you and the other arm directly behind you
  3. You’ll begin to gently swing both arms forward and back reaching full extension, until you’re maintaining a fluid movement for about 10 seconds. Make sure you’re relaxed and fluid. There should be little tension in the arms.
  4. Then, you’ll break the elbows to 90 degrees and begin pumping both arms back and forth, now up to a sprinting speed. You may begin to bounce slightly on your grounded knee. When one hand reaches your cheek, the other should be by your back pocket.
  5. Be sure each hand reaches all the way from your hip up to your cheek.

Banded Hip Drive and Knee Extension

This next warm-up drill is helping to activate a few key muscles that you actually use while running and sprinting. One of the most important factors when it comes to speed is your turnover rate. This is how fast you can place one foot in front of the other and it all begins with a fast hip drive. This drill will help you activate and strengthen the muscles that contribute to your hip drive.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg

How to Perform the Banded Hip Drive and Knee Extension:

  1. Secure a band around something stationary and loop the other end comfortably around the front of one ankle.
  2. Step out until the band is taut.
  3. Putting your weight into the opposite leg, flex the toes of your lifted foot (pull the toes in toward the shin) and maintain this position.
  4. Then, lift the knee up to hip height and then extend at the knee to straighten the leg as much as you can comfortably.
  5. Bring the ankle back under the knee and place that foot down.
    Repeat for reps on both sides

Banded Hip Extension

Lastly we want to activate the glutes and hamstrings. These muscles of the body are what inhibit most young athletes and sprinters from developing speed. This drill helps to develop more power through the foot strike which enables the athlete to have greater propulsion forward and cover more ground with each step.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg

Here’s How to Perform a Banded Hip Extension

  1. Secure a band around something stationary and loop the other end around the back of one ankle, putting your weight on the opposite leg
  2. From here, flex the foot of the banded leg so that the toes pull in towards the shin and lift the knee up to hip height.
  3. Next, using the glutes to drive the foot down towards the ground and slightly back to fully extend at the hip
    Repeat on both sides for complete reps

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