The time is HERE. Athlete Built Savage has officially launched and the amount of questions I’ve been getting in my inbox is crazy.

People from all different walks of life – athletes, weekend warriors, and guys looking to transform their physique – are interested in training with Athlete Built Savage.

And I know you must have questions yourself.

So I decided that I would breakdown and give a review of Athlete Built Savage; what’s inside, how it’s designed etc. So that you can get a better understanding of the program, and you can design your own, if you aren’t able to invest in AB Savage.

Phase 1 

To build a savage physique, you need to make sure you have strong, confident posture that builds slabs of muscle in all the right places.

We’ll do this by attacking muscle imbalances. Static stretching and mobilization are key tools to remove muscle imbalances and increase range of motion in the joints.

Afterwards, we’ll perform some dynamic movements. Dynamic movements place an emphasis on acceleration, top speed, power, and agility. These are the movements that will give you the performance of an elite athlete.

Next, is the strength portion of phase 1. The focus will be high frequency, high intensity, and absolute strength.

As usual, I’ll be throwing Tri-Phasic training into the mix, so phase 1 will have a heavy emphasis on the eccentric portion of our lifts.

After, we’ll be performing limited ROM training. In this section, we focus on improving the sticking points of our lifts. We’ll also focus on general prep work. I like to call these the heavy 10’s which induce strength and hypertrophy adaptations in the muscle, and add some density to the muscle.

Finally, in the core portion, our main focus is on stabilization, so that you can transfer high levels of force through the torso, resulting in increased speed and power capacity.

Phase 2

In phase two, the focus is on symmetry.

We’ll continue to build our posture and function through static stretching and mobilization… But in this phase, we’ll also add activation movements. These movements “wake up” dormant muscle groups so that we can recruit them in the rest of our workout.

Next, we’ll head into dynamic movements again.

Then, we’ll work on absolute strength. In this phase, we’ll reduce the frequency, but increase the intensity and volume.

As far as tri-phasic training goes, in this phase we’ll focus on the isometric portion of our lift. Instead of just a normal pause, however, we’ll use my favorite method to increase motor unit recruitment…

It’s called overcoming isometric, which means you’ll be pushing against an immovable resistance to recruit the maximum amount of motor units.

Once you’ve completed the strength portion, you’ll head into the build section. In addition to heavy 10’s, you’ll also be using the super slow method. In this method, you’ll maximize tissue tear and spend as much time under tension as possible.

You’ll finish with core, where you’ll be working extension, flexion, and rotation of the torso.

Phase 3

In phase 3, the focus is on peaking your body, while making it more aesthetic.

This means cutting calories to burn fat off the body.

This might sound counterintuitive, but, if you follow the program to the T, you’ll be able to maintain, and even gain strength and power during your cut.

Anyway, back to the Athlete Built Savage review…

In the structure portion, you’re going to cut down on stretching and mobilization, and funnel your focus on activation. Again, this primes the muscles to perform the movements for the day.

Next, we’re going to increase your explosiveness and introduce the concentric contrast method.

To perform this method you’ll first perform a full range of motion movement with an intense focus on the concentric portion of the lift.

Right after, you’ll perform a dynamic exercise that’s has a similar movement pattern to the full range of motion exercise.

An example would be a bench press followed by a Med Ball Chest Pass.

Finally, in the build section of phase 3, I introduce all the methods I learned from working with my body building coach. I’ll keep these a secret for his sake, but they’re incredibly effective at giving you a lean, athletic look.

He’s really a master when it comes to building muscle.

In the core section of phase 3 the focus is on integration. Integration is the ability to transfer energy from your lower body to your upper body, and it’s essential in developing your athleticism.

Become a Savage

That concludes my “what’s inside Athlete Built Savage” review.

I’ve revealed everything that’s inside the program, and given you tools to develop your own if you can’t afford it right now.

But, if you want a fool proof, scientifically proven and personally tested program that I have gone through, as well as my boys here at Strength Camp, then hit the link below

Athlete Built Savage is Now Available to the Public (Click Here)





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