Unlocking Your Baseball Potential: Mastering Linear Speed in the Off-Season

The off-season is a crucial period for baseball players to improve their skills, strength, and speed. One often overlooked aspect of baseball performance is linear speed, which is essential for stealing bases, tracking down fly balls, and sprinting around the bases. In this blog post, we’ll explore a comprehensive training session designed to enhance linear speed during the general prep phase of our baseball off-season. This session incorporates a variety of exercises and drills that will help players maximize their speed on the diamond.

1. Dynamic Stretches

To prepare for the upcoming drills, the training session begins with dynamic stretches. These stretches help to increase mobility, activate the muscles, and reduce the risk of injury. One such exercise is the “half kneeling stretch,” which focuses on hip flexor mobility. Players kneel and drive their knees to the outside while keeping their heels on the ground, ensuring a proper stretch in the hip area.

2. Pogo Drills

After the warm-up, it’s time to transition into drills that directly enhance linear speed. The “linear pogo drills” focus on footwork and ankle strength. Players point their toes and utilize their ankle’s full range of motion as they spring down the field. This exercise is crucial for building powerful and efficient strides.

3. Straight Leg Bounds

Another drill aimed at improving speed is “straight leg bounds.” This exercise emphasizes efficient leg mechanics, with players kicking their shins up and striking back down onto the turf. This motion simulates the ideal running mechanics, helping players develop a strong push-off and a smooth stride.

4. Power Skips for Height

“Power skips for height” is a drill that emphasizes explosive leg power. Players punch upwards with each skip, reaching as high as possible. This exercise helps players build the necessary leg strength and power for explosive acceleration, a vital skill for a baseball player.

5. High Knee Series

The high knee series is introduced to fine-tune the mechanics of linear speed. This series consists of three distinct exercises: piston runs, butt kicks, and step-over runs.

  • Piston Runs: Players focus on ankle movement, rapidly firing their legs to achieve maximum turnover. The key here is to maintain proper posture, with the ribcage slightly over the pelvis and the chin tucked, keeping the eyes focused down.
  • Butt Kicks: This exercise works the hamstring, emphasizing the thigh’s upward motion and its subsequent rapid descent. Players pop their thighs and engage their hamstrings, ensuring efficient mechanics.
  • Step-Over Runs: The final exercise in the high knee series involves cycling the legs over the knee. Players focus on a cyclical motion similar to pedaling a bike. This exercise is vital for improving knee drive and the overall rhythm of running.

6. Buildups

The training session concludes with four buildups. These buildups are designed to help players reach top speed. The goal is to achieve maximum velocity while maintaining good form and posture. Players start with a rolling start and gradually build up speed, focusing on a relaxed and efficient running style.


In the world of baseball, speed can be the difference between success and failure. Whether it’s sprinting between the bases or chasing down a fly ball, linear speed plays a pivotal role in a player’s performance. The off-season provides an excellent opportunity for baseball athletes to hone this skill.

The linear speed training session we’ve explored is a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to improving speed using the same type of movements we use In Athletic Speed System. From dynamic stretches to power skips and high knee drills, every exercise and drill is designed to enhance a player’s ability to move quickly in a straight line. Additionally, the transition to lifting in the latter part of the session ensures that players develop the necessary strength and stability to complement their speed.

So, as the off-season approaches, remember that your journey to becoming a better baseball player doesn’t stop when the season ends. By dedicating time and effort to linear speed training and overall physical development, you’ll be better prepared to excel when the next season arrives. Don’t underestimate the impact that improved linear speed can have on your game โ€“ it could be the key to your success on the baseball diamond.


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