Soccer is a sport which requires the athlete to be able to excel in multiple energy systems throughout the game.

The athlete needs to be able to have an aerobic base to play for 90 minutes without a decrease in performance as well as having the ability to perform quick bursts of speed throughout the game in order to make crucial plays.

This encourages soccer players to jog and sprint emphasizing an increase in their Aerobic and Anaerobic base. Training with plyometrics and strength training will help to increase overall athleticism and therefore you the player will soon be able to put out less energy to do the same things as you’ve done before.

This will allow the athlete to perform just as well in the 90th minute as they did in the beginning of the match.

Throughout the game there is also a need for various actions from the athlete, this places a massive importance on agility, quickness, and reaction-time. Dynamic strength is also crucial to promote the players skill during the game, the athlete needs to be strong and powerful to accomplish things such as tackles, headers, and even maintaining position against contact with an opponent.

In order for the athlete to become a better soccer player, they need to train more effectively in the gym.

This is done by performing sport-specific exercises. Utilizing various plyometric drills will allow for the athlete to excel in various areas. Throughout this program your balance will increase. The time it takes for you to accelerate to top speed will decrease, as well as the actual top running speed itself will increase.

Putting all of this together will allow for you to get to where you need to be on the field faster and more efficiently than ever before.

A proper strength training protocol will also help build up muscular strength and size as well as protect joints and ligaments. This will allow the athlete to become stronger and more powerful during game day to prevent injuries that can potentially end an athlete’s season.

These strength training exercises will help you to maintain contact with an opponent without feeling like you are getting bullied. This will also help to building up your explosive power in the game.

Going up for a header will seem to be a much easier task throughout this program by creating greater strength and more explosive jumping power.

Applying the most efficient and sport specific exercises will allow for the athlete to get the most benefits in the least amount of time to allow for the individual to reach their full potential on game day.

Overall when it comes down to increasing skills that are utilized in soccer, you must train like a soccer player.

Sprints, plyometrics, and strength training protocols will help to increase many of the skills associated with a 90-minute soccer game. Following a proper program will allow you the individual to reach the next level in terms of skill and athleticism.

Increased acceleration, top speed, balance, strength, explosiveness, these are few of the ways in which you will see yourself emerge as a new player on the field.

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