Rugby is a sport that requires the athlete to be able to produce multiple bouts of
force at any time, while also being able to endure high impact collisions without allowing it to negatively impact performance.

This is a high-risk sport which makes it paramount for the players to be physically ready for any obstacle that may arise.

Strength training as well as plyometrics will help to prepare the athlete for any challenge that approaches them on game day.

This places an emphasis on training in a way that the athlete can be just as explosive at the beginning of the match as he is at the end.

Throughout the game you need to be able to be quick and explosive while also having a high level of strength in order to be a physical presence on the playing field.

This highlights the importance of strength training throughout the program.

In order to elevate your talent, it is crucial that you perform at a high level in the gym. Using a variety of modalities will allow for you to take yourself to a new level.

Plyometrics will help you to become more explosive as well as allow you to create
power in compromised or unfamiliar positions.

Throughout a solid Rugby Training Program you will see your acceleration and speed improve in and out of the field. Utilizing compound movements with heavy weights to create a significant change in your body to become a beast on the field.

If you want to be able to move players bigger than you then, you are going to have to get better at moving heavy weights in the gym.

This is where Strength training comes into place, strength training is going to aid in various ways such as helping you to tackle players with greater force as well as also being able to take hits better.

This is one of the reasons that you may see yourself being able to stay on your
feet for longer periods of time.

In fact, the risk of injuries will also go down which will allow you to stay on the field longer, short term and long term. By the time game day arrives you will notice yourself reaching the ball faster, making your way down the field with greater ease and those hits that used to hurt will feel way easier to take.

You will become a new version of yourself, one that has trained with the intent to become a greater rugby player.

Overall when looking to become a better rugby player you must train in the gym as if you are on the field, with a purpose. Utilizing plyometrics to increase speed, balance and explosiveness.

Using strength training to build up muscle to create greater force while protecting your body from injuries. Following an efficient strength and conditioning protocol will allow your talents to become highlighted as well as bring up your weaknesses.

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