I know you have teammates, or have seen dudes like this.

They’re big, bulky, and brawny.

They rep out 3 plates on each side,

Squat the sun,

and deadlift your car.


Their face turns red as a tomato when they try to do a pull-up,

They can’t get more than a ruler’s length off the ground,

and their 40-time…PFFF.

These are dudes have great absolute strength, but their lacking in the type of strength that creates superstars, ESPN top plays, and amazing athleticism all around… 

>>>> Relative strength.

Relative strength is the amount of force that you exert in relation to your bodyweight.

If you’ve got absolute strength, you might make it on the high school team, maybe college. But the guys who shine are the guys with control over their body, with bounce, speed, and of course, strength.

How do you develop your relative strength?

The way I like to do it is with bodyweight exercises.


No weights.

This means plyometrics, sprinting, and calisthenics with very specific tempos.

I also utilize athletic complexes and something I like to call a tempo-shock complexes.

These complexes recruit more muscles because of the tempo, then those muscles are used to create a more efficient explosive exercise.


My guide to creating elite levels of relative strength is called Athletic Calisthenics.

I honestly created so that athletes could have access to intense, challenging, and very beneficial training anywhere.

Because the program doesn’t use weights.

But don’t put it off as just another bodyweight program, because this is for ATHLETES ONLY.

And I’ve used it with my players, I’ve used it with my team at strength camp. And it ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

Anyway, to find out more details check out my FREE Advanced Bodyweight Series.




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