This workout was all about explosive power. This is the kind of training that you need if you want to sprint faster. We started off with some medicine ball throws. After that we went on to some standing broad jumps. From there we worked on Sprint starts and then resisted sprinting with bands. There really teach you to explode off the block and drive through the entire distance. Added in some trap bar jump shrugs as well.

Sprint Faster Workout

  • Medicine Ball Throws
  • Standing Broad Jumps
  • Sprint Stars Resisted by Bands
  • Trap Bar Jump Shrugs

Just this workout a try, and leave a comment below to let us know how you did.


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Chris Barnard
Chris Barnard

Chris Barnard is a strength and conditioning coach at Strength Camp, a hardcore athlete training facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, as well as author of multiple performance programs. He has worked with athletes at all levels and from many different sports to produce the highest level of performance in each. He currently resides in St Petersburg, Florida and continues to pursuit breakthroughs in athletic performance.