Shoulder injury prevention is one of the most important things you can do in your career as a baseball athlete. Here are two mobility drills I always implement with our baseball athletes during the offseason. These particular mobility drills focus on the T-spine or thoracic region of the spine (middle back). Try this movement series for spinal mobility for baseball athletes to increase your range of motion and hitting power…

I love being able to pair T-spine mobility and rotation with both flexion and extension.  Since rotation is a very repetitive movement pattern for baseball athletes, we want to be able to incorporate more mobility through movement.

*You will need a wooden dowel rod, thin PVC pipe or something similar like a yoga strap for these movements.

Spinal Mobility

Spinal Mobility For Baseball:

  1. Kneeling thoracic rotation x 10 each side

For this first movement, grab a cushion or mat for your knees and come to a kneeling position sitting back onto your hips. You’ll want to have a smooth floor in front of your with a towel or something that will allow your dowel to slide. Bring the dowel evenly into both hands with palms facing down. Next bring one end of the dowel to the floor, so that it sits on your towel. Then start to reach that bottom hand across your body so that the shoulder comes low toward the floor and the opposite hand is reaching up.

Utilize the dowel rod to really reach and get a deeper stretch through that thoracic rotation. Alternate sides with each repetition.

2. Lying thoracic twist x 10 each side

For this next drill you’ll begin by coming to the floor and lying on your chest. Bring the dowel rod evenly into both hands with arms reaching out in front of you. Next extend the spine by lifting the chest off the floor. Then twist to one side, driving the end of the dowel rod into the floor for support. The dowel should again be used to get maximum leverage and an even better stretch. Alternate sides with each repetition.

Need more shoulder rehab for baseball? Try these shoulder stability drills. 

As you continue to increase your spinal mobility for baseball, this should simultaneously enhance your range of motion and give your hitting that “whip-like” effect for even more power.


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