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Happy Friday Ultimate Athletes!

What a time to be alive.

I don’t know if you guys have heard but KING sold out in under 3 hours. An accomplishment I never expected.

On the day of the release, we literally sat at our desks and kept refreshing the page. With every refresh, we saw an increase of orders by the 100’s. It was a crazy and exciting day to say the least. 

Well now that a lot of my time has freed up, my attention is going towards the launch of my new vertical program. So expect more information on that in the coming weeks. 

In today’s video, I show you an awesome movement that I discovered through the process of creating vertical.

It’s a single leg box squat, a great unilateral strength exercise.

The traditional way of implementing unilateral movements is in your auxiliary lifts. Meaning you do them after your main strength lifts like squats or deadlifts.

What I found to be high effective is using Unilateral movements for your actual strength training lifts.   This places the focus and emphasis of your training session on a single leg movement for strength by decreasing the volume and increasing the intensity.

Simple right?

That’s what I thought but I also simply overlooked this in some of my programming.  What I found by adding this simple tactic was athletes found themselves having strength discrepancies between their legs. 

Some of my guys found one leg significantly stronger on one side as opposed to the other.  This is something we noticed when we increased the weight and dropped the reps, making it easier to find the strength discrepancy compared to if we were using high volume lunges or another single leg auxiliary.

If they felt that imagine how this affected their sprint?

So check out the video and see the exercise I was using to balance that out.

Before implementing this lift into your routine make sure to watch the video so you understand how to perform this movement safely.

Give that a shot and let me know what you guys think.


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