Single Leg Lateral Broad Jump

What Does This Drill Work?

The single leg lateral broad jump is excellent for teaching you to create maximum power while moving laterally – off just one leg. More specifically, it will build strength and power in the the glutes, hamstrings, and hip muscles of the standing leg.

How to Perform Single Leg Lateral Broad Jump?

Begin standing, facing laterally to wherever you will be traveling as you jump. Load all your weight into one side on one leg, bending into that knee and sinking your weight down. From here you’ll begin slightly twisting towards that same standing leg, allowing the opposite foot to cross back and behind the standing leg.

With momentum, you’ll power off that standing leg to jump laterally. Your body will turn 90 degrees in space as you bring both feet underneath you to land in a squat position.

You can watch how to perform a single leg lateral broad jump here. 

Common Mistakes:

The most common mistake I see when athletes perform this movement is the attempt to land on just one leg. You should aim to create enough power off just one leg, moving laterally before turning to face forward and landing your broad jump on both feet.

How and when to program this movement?

This movement is a great addition to any lower body workout or speed workout. Use the single leg lateral broad jump towards the beginning of your workout as a power movement before hitting your strength training section.

Programming parameters?

Perform 2-3 sets, alternating between sides for 10 yards.

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