What’s good OTA Nation?

As you guys know, I recently released my new baby Athlete Built.

Most of you guys train like athletes but this new program will make you look like an athlete.

Look and perform like a Ferrari.

Anyways, since I’ve been working on that program, I’ve been experimenting with new principles and ideas.

I’ve been learning a lot about how to keep up my performance as well as build lots of lean, athletic muscle.

I’ve also been learning a lot of bodybuilding principles, and during this time I did a ton of research on bringing up muscles that are lagging.

Now I’ve never had big shoulders, but I’ve always wanted them to pop.

Recently I’ve been hiring bodybuilding coaches to help me bring up my lagging body parts and one coach in particular told me I was doing my shoulder workouts all wrong.

What I was doing to build my shoulders up was taking a balanced approach, working on the front, side, and rear delts equally.

This coach told me to take all direct work off of my anterior (front) deltoid and focusing on the medial (lateral) and posterior (rear) deltoids.

The idea is that I work my front deltoids enough during my pressing movements and was wasting energy by doing direct front deltoid work.

So what I ended up working on were a lot of lateral raises, upright rows, rear delt flies, dump the buckets and more.

I’ve been using a lot of triple-drop sets and really trying to fatigue those muscles.

Another thing my coach had me working on was really focusing on my mind-muscle connection.

So for example, if I’m doing a rear felt fly at the top portion of the movement, I’m going to contract and squeeze my muscles as hard as I can.

At the bottom portion of the movement, I’m going to try and pull my rear delts as far apart as I can.

This is something I’ve been experimenting with and if it keeps working I’ll keep utilizing it.

I just wanted to share these tips with you in hopes that you can get your shoulders to POP like I’ve been getting mine to.


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