Resisted broad jumps are one of my favorite ways to begin elevating your broad jump, increase agility, and improve vertical jump. Here’s why and how you should try:

Athlete Performs Resisted Broad Jump


The resisted broad jump is a great partner or coach-athlete drill to perform. Not only will this help you improve your broad jump which may be tested leading up to competition but it also helps to develop power through the lower body and explosiveness in your jump training.

The broad jump typically asks you to jump as far forward as possible from a standing start. The resisted broad jump adds a band to make this even harder. The maximum resistance actually occurs at the very end of your jump when the band stretches the most. This can help you gain a few extra inches on your normal broad by learning to fight the band.

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How to do resisted broad jumps?

Begin standing with a medium to heavy resistance band looped just above your waist. Your partner or coach will stand behind you holding onto the other end of the resistance band.

Next, begin to load just as you would for any broad jump: sit the hips back to load the glutes and hamstrings while simultaneously swing both arms back in preparation for your jump. Bring the arms up and launch forward off the toes, landing as far as possible.

Watch how to do resisted broad jumpsย here.

Common Mistakes

Here’s a great tip I give my athletes: pick your feet up and bring them up and underneath you while jumping forward. The sooner your feet come down, the faster you land and the shorter you jump.


Resisted broad jumps are a great drill to use as you work on your vertical and lower body power during the off-season. Each one should be at maximum effort, so start with doing 5-6 sets of 1 rep.ย 

Bands have increased in popularity these past few years, and for good reason. You can use bands as resistance if you donโ€™t have access to a gym, or you can incorporate bands into your training. Which ever you prefer, bands are an essential part of becoming an elite athlete. Iv’e compiled the most useful resistance bands that I regularly use with my athletes…

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