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I’m hyped to be sending this email because it’s going to bring tons of value and it’s going to help lots of people

I’m going to share a great routine to add to the beginning of your workout if you want to be quicker on your feet and more agile.

I’ve worked with quite a few athletes who were “stuck in mud”

By this I mean that they had no quickness and were always two seconds behind the player they were competing against.

This is the routine that supported them, and it can support you too.

To see how these exercises are done you can refer to the video above (I’m going to write out the drills and the reps you should perform at the end)

The first three drills are dot drills.

You’re going to create four dots in a square shape (use chalk) and one dot in the middle of the square.

The first drill is going to be a simple forward and back drill

Start with one foot on each dot, jump to the middle, then to the other side.

The next drill is a figure eight dot drill.

To perform this drill, you’re going to keep your feet together and jump in a figure eight motion.

The third dot drill is a single leg figure eight.

This drill is the same as the previous dot drill, except you’re only going to use one leg.

The next few drills are going to be line drills.

The first one is a simple forward and backward hop over the line.

The next is a simple side to side hop over the line

and the third is a diagonal hop over the line.

All three of these drills should also be done on one leg.

The next two drills are a little more complex, but still simple.

Reactive jumps are a great drill to increase quickness off of the ground.

To perform this drill, you’re going to find something to touch (like a backboard) and your going to jump up and touch that item

As soon as you land you jump again, spending as little time on the ground as possible.

You’re not going to be jumping as high as you can, just high enough to touch that object, but you should still challenge yourself.

These should be performed for time.

The next is a max effort jump.

For this drill, you’re going to jump as high as you can and you have a one second reset time.

Summary of Drills and Rep Ranges

Forward and Backwards Dot Drill – 20 Reps
Figure Eight Dot Drill- 20 Reps
Single-Leg Figure Eight Dot Drill- 20 Reps each leg
Forward and Back Line Hops – 20 Reps
Side to Side Line Hops – 20 Reps
Diagonal Line Hops – 20 Reps
Single Leg Line Hops – 20 Reps Each Leg for Each Drill
Reactive Jumps – 20 Seconds
Max Effort Jumps – 10 Reps

All of these drills should be performed as quickly and precisely as possible.

These will really help you increase your athleticism and quickness, so use them.

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