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What Does the Pec Minor Stretch Work?

The simple pec minor stretch is great for increasing shoulder mobility and range of motion. It helps to open up the muscles of the shoulder complex and chest like the pectoralis major and minor, subscapularis, teres major, and deltoids.

It’s important to mobilize your upper body before working on any horizontal or overhead pressing and pulling such as benching or push-press.

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How to Perform Pec Minor Stretch

Find an anchor point such as a squat rack or doorway. Begin with your back to the anchor point. Then scarecrow one arm out to the side so you create a 90 degree angle with between the shoulder and the ribs, and at the elbow. Twist back until you can anchor your palm and the anterior forearm, creating a great stretch in the chest and shoulder.

Position the elbow slightly higher than the shoulder to increase the stretch.

Watch how to perform here.

Common Mistakes

Be careful not to crank your shoulder too far or bounce while doing the pec minor stretch. Gently push to your shoulder’s range of motion to increase mobility.


Perform two sets of 30 seconds on each side before an upper body workout. You can superset with the lat stretch as well.

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