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What’s going on O.T.A. Gang,

Today I wanted to show you what an athlete’s “PEAK” phase should look like.

Right now the athletes and I are coming up to our last month of training. They’re about to go out and put all their new found gains to the test.

Bellamy’s going to the NFL Pro Day.

Dante’s going back to the Yankees and is going to kill it this season

Bo’s going to absolutely crush it this year as one of MLB’s top prospects.

And Mal will be crushing it this year in college ball.

These athletes gave it their all this off season, and now It’s time for them to enjoy the new more athletic version of themselves.

In the work out I start off with some change of direction and footwork.

Then I pick one of the best exercises to target core stability with sport specific power work, which would be throwing the med ball for these baseball players.

From here I worked on Close Grip Speed Bench and supersetted with Renegade Rows for the pull.

I always want integrated movements when my athletes start peaking.

As a finisher we did conditioning work by continuously performing farmer walks, clubbell core work, and push-pull with no rest in between sets.

So there you go. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.

Oh before I forget, check this out.

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Hahaha I guess TBA really made some noise. Thanks to you guys.

Unfortunately I had to change the name.

So I’d like to reintroduce…

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Best one I can think of in the shortest amount of time.

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Holler at you next time,

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