What’s goin’ on Overtime?

Right now is the prime time for getting in top shape for the upcoming football season.

This means hours of getting more powerful, explosive, and packing on muscle.

You should be putting everything you’ve got into it.

Earlier this week, I released a video of a workout I did with one of my athletes.

It’s a very simple, but effective, workout.

In the video, however, I don’t really take the time to explain what’s going on in the workout.

I figured I’d do that here.

The breakdown is


We start with Pogo Jumps.

To perform this exercise, you keep your knees and hips relatively straight but not locked.

One of the keys is to produce as much force through the ankle as possible, producing enough force to get off of the ground.

With these you want to spend as little time on the ground as possible and you don’t want to bend your knees too much.

Next we go to Hurdle Hops.

To perform this exercise, you’ll need to have some short hurdles.

You’re going to jump with both feet at the same time over each hurdle.

On this exercise you’ll really want to focus on spending as little time on the ground as possible in between jumps again.

Next we do a Resisted Staggered Broad Jump.

To perform this exercise, you’ll need a buddy.

You’re going to wrap a resistance band around your body and have your buddy hold the other end.

With this exercise, the foot in front is going to be the same foot that’s in front during your running stance.

From that position, you’re going to perform a broad jump.

This will help you increase your first step explosiveness.

After that we move to a Reactive Staggered Broad Jump.

To perform this exercise, you’ll need a small box.

Again, your front foot is the same foot that’s in front during your running stance.

You’re basically going to perform a depth to broad jump.

This exercise has the best of both worlds because we’re working on force absorption and production simultaneously.

Next we move to a Back Squat with a three second eccentric.

It’s key that you perform this exercise correctly to maximize the benefit.

On the eccentric portion, when you hit that third second, it’s critical that you EXPLODE up.

You don’t want to dip down before you explode up.

Keep the tension on the muscle the whole time.

After that we move on to Reverse Lunges.

Keeping your chest up you’re going to take a big step back and attempt to touch that back knee to the floor.

On these you really want to focus on exploding up from the bottom position and squeezing the quad and glute to the top.

Finally we finish with some Prowlers.

On these we place our hands around the middle of the high handles and really focus on driving the knees high and moving the feet quick.

So that’s it.

A simple workout to create an elite college football player.

Lots of coaches want to try and recreate the wheel with their workouts.

But the truth is that simplicity is best.

Stick with the stuff you KNOW works and you’ll create great results for yourself.

If you still are scratching your head about where to begin with your offseason training, make sure you stay tuned.

I’ll have something that’s going to be VERY valuable to you.

Keep grinding,

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