MLB Strength & Speed Off-Season Workout: Lateral Force & Eccentrics

The off-season is a crucial time for baseball players to hone in on all aspects of their performance. In this video, we take the guys through an intense and well-structured regimen aimed at developing strength and speed using lateral force and eccentric exercises. Let’s break down the highlights of this workout to elevate baseball performance.

Dynamic Warm-Up and Mobility Exercises:

  • The workout begins with a series of dynamic warm-up and mobility exercises to prepare the body for the challenges ahead.
  • Exercises include leg rolls, wide sweeps, frog position stretches, and single-leg bridges with a focus on controlled movements.

Lateral Power and Agility Drills:

  • Lateral pole jumps, single-leg sprints, lateral power shuffles, karaoke strides, and quick, choppy lateral shuffles are demonstrated. This specific workout focuses on lateral speed, but linear speed is equally as important to train.
  • Athletes are encouraged to focus on quick, powerful movements, maintaining proper form and foot placement.

Progressive Skater Jumps and Resistance Training:

  • Progressive skater jumps are highlighted, showcasing a two-part series to progressively increase difficulty.
  • Resistance is incorporated through underhand tosses against a wall, connecting the upper and lower body.

Strength Training and Cool Down:

  • The strength training segment includes sumo squats with a slow eccentric phase, lateral monster walks with resistance bands, and kettlebell swings. Nordic hamstring exercises are included in the strength training segment.
  • The workout concludes with unique exercises like club bell forward lunges, heel walk farmer carries, and side plank hip lifts for core and stability work.

In summary, this workouts offers a glimpse into a well-rounded training session designed to enhance lateral power and overall baseball performance. Aspiring athletes and baseball enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the full off-season program for a complete training experience. Let’s dominate the lateral power series and elevate our game to new heights.


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