Here’s a med ball workout from some of our recent baseball training at OTA. The focus has specifically been throwing harder or increasing throwing velocity.

While I don’t typically work with pitchers, most of our guys are defensive players either infield or outfield as well as a few catchers. With that, I want to approach this med ball workout from a place of whole body integration.

Kneeling Med Ball Soccer Toss

We started out this workout by isolating and elevating. Start this drill out from your knees for an isolated med ball soccer toss where you bring the med ball from overhead and slam it on the ground in front with all you’ve got. A great way to step these up are by having a partner toss the med ball back to you after the bounce so that you have to catch the load and transition it back into a toss.

One Step Toss

From there we’ll get a little bit more dynamic, coming up to our feet for a one step toss. Starting with the med ball behind your hand, start to walk forward taking just one step before you slam it at a wall. I always encourage my guys to step forward using their less dominant leg in order to balance strength in the body.

Finally we can move even more adding in a crow hop. Build up a little momentum taking a step forward before hitting a small crow hop and tossing the med ball overhead at the wall. Focus on planting the front leg and release the trail behind you.

Overhead Lateral Med Ball Slam

Moving into the frontal plane and the obliques a bit more, I like to hit an overhead med ball side toss for upper body power. Standing in place, bring the med ball up overhead and toss it down on one side of your body. Arc back up overhead to throw it down on the opposite side.

For the first few reps focus on keeping both feet planted. As you become more comfortable you can begin increasing the force by allowing the feet to pivot as you twist through the trunk.

Try this med ball workout for rotational power.


Kneeling Lateral Med ball twist

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