If you’re a football athlete you need to try this workout for linear speed and power training. Having that quick first step is what makes you untouchable on the field… here’s how our workout went:


Starting your workout with plyometrics not only helps to get you into the zone for your whole workout but it also primes the nervous system for fast, responsive movement. Try out some of these plyometric moves:

  • Pogo jumps
  • ย Power skips
  • High knee piston run
  • High knee butt kicks
  • Single leg high knee
  • Dead leg run
  • Straight leg bounds/shuffle

Linear Speed Training

Next it’s time to move into some full sprints and integrate all the focuses of the speed training back into the real thing.

  • 3 x 15yd – full sprint
  • Reaction sprint – here I had the athletes practice their takeoff and acceleration while dropping a tennis ball. The goal is to practice your start and then get to the tennis ball before it drops again. This builds in a bit of athleticism and competition to focus on quick reactions.

Power Training

This workout doesn’t have a ton of weight lifting involved however I included just 2 power training movements to enhance linear speed work.

  • 3 x 10 yds – Sled march
  • 3 x 10 each side – Band TKE’s: see here

We started out with some nervous system activation through plyometrics, moved into acceleration and top speed, then add a bit of resistance and isometrics to finish it off.

Football Plyometric Exercises

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