What’s good Squad,

I’ve been getting so many comments and emails regarding SPEED, that I’ve decided to make my next series on youtube speed related.

After the release of my most popular program, The Flight System; I started seeing an increase in the interest of speed.

I started getting questions like;

How do I set up for a 40 yard dash?

How do I fix my sprint mechanics?

How do I improve the acceleration phase of my sprint?

All these questions and more, it seemed like a lot of athletes were confused on how to properly train for speed.

Update: I have a free Advanced Speed Series. Learn how to start increasing your speed

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So this is why I decided to break down sprinting to its most simplest form and made videos explaining everything you need to know about sprinting and increasing your speed.

Lesson 1: Acceleration Phase

The acceleration phase is the first part of any successful sprint.

This is the part that either makes you or breaks you in any horizontal sprint event. So pay close attention when training acceleration.

The way I like to start this phase is by being in a positive shin angle.

What that basically means is making sure your shins are at about a 45 degrees angle with the ground.

Now, the reason is physics.

By having your shins in a positive angle you’re able to stab into the ground and propel yourself forward a lot faster.

The simplest comparison I have is running up a hill. If you’re running up a steep hill there’s no way you’d be able to stand up straight and sprint up it.

Update: I have a free Advanced Speed Series. Learn how to start increasing your speed

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The only way to get up that hill is to lean forward, stabbing into the ground, making sure your shoulders stay over your toes.

This is the best angle to produce force against the ground and be one of the fastest players on your team.

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