What’s good OTA Nation?

Recently I was asked “What is one of the biggest attributes of an elite level athlete that separates them from the rest of the pack?”

There are lots of uncontrollable factors that can go into creating an elite athlete such as genetics.

But when you take away the uncontrollable factors and are left with tangible factors, there’s one factor that separates the elite athletes from the rest.

When I think about this factor, Kobe Bryant comes to mind.

One night after a regular season game, Kobe Bryant stayed in the gym and shot 5,000 shots because he had a bad game.

What does this show?

A consistent work ethic.

That’s what it takes.

Throughout your career you’ll see genetically gifted guys hitting the weight room hard every Monday, but are they doing this the rest of the week?

The thing that will separate you from them is the consistency, you showing up every day and putting work in.

It’s not a one and out kind of thing, it takes long periods of constant effort.

Robert Greene, the author of Mastery, once said:

“Mastery is built on long periods of practice without tangible results, which lead to bursts of improvement…”

Be ready to give constant effort every day.

You’ll look back and thank yourself when you see the results you’ve generated.


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