The Elite Vertical Academy is the ultimate way to increase your vertical jump by 8-12 inches. It’s a time-tested and elite athlete proven program that will help you make the biggest gains in your vertical and grow as an athlete in any sport.

And the best news yet? EVA is now available at your fingertips, in the seamless format of an app that allows you to

ota app

  • Schedule apps to your calendar
  • Track your workout data
  • Watch videos detailing each exercise
  • Set plans to achieve your elite vertical

Elite Vertical Academy

After years of working with elite athletes from a wide variety of sports, I’m able to see huge progress with every off season because of this program. EVA breaks down into 4 specific phases designed to build on each other, helping you build your vertical power from a strong foundation.

How the program works:

Phase 1: Activation

This initial phase is designed to build a solid foundation in every athlete through the use of isometrics. You can check out a few isometric workouts I’ve done in the gym here. We also use low level plyometric workouts here. The most important part of how this program works however is the order in which each progression is done, making the app your ultimate workout tool.

Phase 2: Absorption

The next phase of the program takes you into absorption using eccentric training and deceleration. This is an often overlooked area of training that has truly made some of the greatest changes in vertical jump for my elite athletes. The app helps to seamlessly transition your training into the next phase so you can head to the gym with a plan.

Phase 3: Propulsion

The final phase of your training focuses on propulsion which is where things move to power and explosion. An elite vertical jump requires you to produce a high amount of force very quickly. Youย can’t move into this kind of power without a strong foundation through specific training.

Phase 4: Peak

Think of this as your fine-tuning stage. Through each previous phase you’ll work on activating the right muscles, enhancing elasticity and maximizing your power. This is where you put everything together and watch 8-12 inches add on to your vertical.

Athlete Increases Vertical Jump

Join EVA

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  • Exercise library
  • Access to OTA resources
  • Performance stats

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