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Today I’m bringing you a video where I answer an age old question that I’ve been getting for years.

That is…

How To Train To Throw Harder And Faster

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In the video, I explain how I developed the velocity of the most recent baseball players that I trained this off-season.

There are 3 things that I found necessary to fix on your pursuit to throwing harder and further.

Number 1 being “Unwringing yourself out”.

What I mean by this is, fixing the muscular imbalances that most throwers develop from years of throwing.

Take a quarterback for example; game after game, season after season, the quarterback throws with the

same arm every single time. After a while, this repeated movement starts creating an imbalance in your body that closely resembles the wringing of a washcloth.

Obviously, this isn’t going to help you in any way.

So number 1 is always to “unwring” yourself.

How would one do that?

Simple, by incorporating rotational movements of the opposite side from which you naturally throw from. So if you’re a righty and consistently throw with your right arm, start focusing on your left side.

So adding exercises like wood chops and Russian twists into your training will greatly benefit you in fixing this rotational imbalance most throwers develop.

Number 2 is intentionally throwing heavy ass medicine balls to create a super compensation type of response.

I want to teach the athlete to explode through that torso, and concentrate on explosively and forcefully throwing the weight.

And lastly, you guy have been hearing me preach about integrated movements.

These are movements where you start at the lower body with a strength exercise and add some form of rotation to be able to integrate the both halves of the upper and lower body.

So there you go, guys. That’s my approach to increasing the velocity of any athletes throw.


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