How to Dunk Today – Throw Down for the First Time

I’m a guy who sells a vertical jump program. That’s no secret. Naturally, a lot of guys go into that program looking to dunk.

Every once in a while, a guy will shoot me a question. Something along the lines of:

Yo Chris.

I’m jumping high, but I can’t dunk. Any suggestions?”

My response is almost always the same; jumping is a physical attribute, dunking is a skill.

So, if you’re in the gym training your vertical, and haven’t touched a basketball in weeks, you shouldn’t be surprised when you can’t throw down that monstrous windmill.

Don’t panic.

With a few tweaks to your programming, you can start dunking faster than you can say “Vince Carter“.


I’m not an expert on dunk mechanics, but one of the things that can instantly help athletes who are trying to dunk is fixing their mechanics.

This is the quickest fix.

All you have to do is watch some YouTube videos on proper dunk mechanics, record yourself dunking, and see if your dunking mechanics align with those in the videos or not.

One thing that helps a lot of athletes is a quicker step.

Some guys try to take long, slow, strides, and when they do that, they lose power. Instead, your last two steps should be the quickest of your approach.

That’s a good place to start.

Body Control

As I said, dunking is a skill. To master that skill, you need to practice it over and over.

The one thing that great athletes have in common is consistency. If you want to be great at dunking, you need to consistently practice the dunks you want to master.

So, pick a series of 10 dunks you want to do, and do them every day.

If you can’t dunk on a 10 foot rim, find a lower one.

After doing this for a few days, you start to get a feel for the most efficient ways to move your body to throw that dunk down, and eventually, this ability will carry over to game situations.

Integrated Exercises

Sometimes, an energy inefficiency in the body can cause a block when you try to learn how to dunk. To fix this, you need to implement integrated exercises.

These are exercises that teach the body how to transfer force from the lower to the upper body.

Movements like a box jump with a 180 degree turn, lunges with a twist, or lateral jumps with a med ball are ways to teach yourself body control and the efficient transfer of force.


Another thing that can support you is performing plyometrics with a basketball in your hand. This allows you to teach yourself how to produce force with a ball in your hands, something you need to do if you plan on dunking in game.

Incorporate It All

Technique, skill, and body control can play a big role in your ability, or inability, to dunk. But, sometimes you’re just not efficient in force absorption and production.

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