When it comes to burning body fat there’s a lot of cons that come with that phase of body transformation.

Some people lose more muscle mass than they would have preferred.

Others lose way more strength than they were anticipating.

When you reduce your caloric intake below what your body needs in order to maintain its weight, there will be a handful of negative side effect.

Strength loss being a big one.

That’s what I want to cover today.

If you’re looking to gain strength while you’re in your cutting phase, than look no further.

There’s a new program I’ve been working on, Athlete Built Savage.ย 

This program is designed to encompass all of my older athlete built programs.

You’ll burn body fat, while gaining muscle mass and increasing your athletic performance. All at the same time.ย 

A triple threat if you will.

The way I’ve structure Athlete Built Savage is as followed;

The first phase will be concentrating on high intensity and frequency, while keeping the volume down a little bit.

We’ll be including Tri-Phasic training into this program as well, just like any of my other programs.

Phase one will be focusing on the eccentric portion of each lift and will be close to being a 6 days a week phase.

Each phase will also concentrate on a new form of nutrition.

Phase one we’ll be focusing on finding our Baseline Caloric Intake.

Do a 7 day audit of what you eat everyday. I recommend using MyFitnessPal.

The reason we take time to audit our caloric intake is because if our body is used to eating a total of 1500 calories a day and all of a sudden we start feeding it 3000-4000 calories, we’ll gain a bunch of body fat in the process.

This is what we’re trying to avoid.

Phase 2 we’ll be concentrating on high intensity and volume, while decreasing frequency a bit.

We really want to keep hitting heavy numbers and breaking PR’s every week. By adding more sets to each body part per week in this phase, we’ll be able to add more volume since our body is ready for it.

When it comes to nutrition in Phase 2, we want to add more calories into the mix.

Since we’ve been slowly incrementing our caloric intake for the past 4 weeks (phase 1), we want to be able to add 200-500 calories on top of the new calorie intake we have.

This will guarantee we keep increasing our absolute strength during the program.

In phase 3 is when we actually start concentrating on our “cut”

After 2 months of getting stronger and increasing your calories, you’ll start to slowly reduce your caloric intake by 10-20%.

In this phase you’ll either maintain your strength or increase it a little bit.

We’ll also be keeping the intensity on the higher end while bringing down the volume and frequency.

We really want keep hitting high numbers while also getting high quality reps.

During this phase is when we’ll start adding supplements into the mix.

When I went through the program I started adding creatine, ZMA, Glutamine, pre-workout, fish oil, etc.

This is the most intense phase of the program so any supplements that I could think of to add to my recovery, I added into my routine.

This is honestly the magic sauce. By adding supplements to the last phase of the program, Athlete Built Savage.

I was able to recover and keep/add to my strength during this phase.

Hope you guys got a lot out of this video.

Keep an eye out for Athlete Built Savage; it’ll be released on May 1st, 2018.



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