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So earlier this week I released a blog post teaching you how to use a Medicine Ball while utilizing Paul Chek’s Primal Movement Patterns.

This post got a great response and as I promised, I’m coming back at you with 2 simple way to rid your body of muscular imbalances. Most commonly known as Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome.

For those of you who have no clue what upper and lower cross syndrome are, it’s basically a fancy way of saying that you have muscular imbalances in your hips and shoulder region.


The cause of these imbalances for most athletes comes from their lack of proper training and bad habit of sitting down with bad posture for long periods of time.

If you’re serious about your training and your ability to become an Ultimate Athlete then you have to start getting serious about riding your body of these imbalances.

Restriction in your hips and even shoulder will hinder your speed, explosiveness, and strength in the long run. All qualities that you must have in order to become an elite level athlete.

We can’t have none of that going on.

So today I want to show you exactly what I tell my athletes at the gym to do every hour or so especially if they’ve been sitting in class all day.

First in order to get rid of the Upper Cross Syndrome you have to understand what the imbalance actually implies.

The upper cross syndrome is when you’ve developed super tight anterior muscles (front muscles) and really weak posterior muscles (back muscles).

This causes your body to round forward which throws off a plethora of mechanical advantages.

If you want to fix this issue you have to start stretching out your chest and strengthening your back muscles.

And ditto goes for the lower cross syndrome.

You’ll want to stretch out your hip flexors and strengthen your glutes.

Hope that helps you guys. Remember, even if you feel like you don’t suffer from upper or lower cross syndrome, it’s better to perform these stretches everyday in order to NEVER develop these muscular imbalances.  

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