Why Use Double Broad Jumps?

The double broad jump happens to be one of my bread and butter drills for athletes in any sport. Developing your horizontal force production is essential for tackling, power plays, driving to net and any other challenge you could meet on the court or field. Even if you’re working on your vertical, learning the ability to absorb and produce force through the double broad jump will be very helpful to your training.

What’s so great about making the normal broad jump a double, is that we get a little eccentric work, learning to decelerate through the first jump while also immediately rebounding into the next. For more horizontal

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How to Perform the Double Broad Jump

Begin standing as you sink the hips back, into a hinge. Preparing to jump, swing both arms back behind you and as you push off the ground using the balls of the feet – use the arms for momentum as they swing forward. You’ll land exactly how you started, but this time immediately bring the arms back as you take off for a consecutive jump.

Aim to pick the feet high up off the floor as you jump, almost bringing the heels to your butt. Think about “cycling the legs through” so they can land out in front of you.

Check out how to perform the double broad jump here. 

Common Mistakes

A lot of guys tend to land with their weight too far back which will mess up the flow of their next jump. Think about landing with your knees slightly bowed out to properly absorb force and with your weight shifted forward with the hips behind the rib cage. This will allow you to use your back chain to absorb the initial jump, and translate that force into the second broad jump.


The double broad jump is a drill I’ll use with intermediate to advanced athletes during their warm-up series or as a supplement to a trap bar deadlift or similar power drill. This would be great to include for any athlete looking to:

  • Improve your vertical
  • Increase top speed
  • Quicken your COD

Always begin with a solid warm-up series like this one before moving onto power drills such as the double broad. Once you’re ready to move, try incorporating 2-5 rounds of 1 double broad. Since you only hit one at a time, really focus on going for distance on each jump to cover as much distance as possible.


If you want a higher vertical jump, it’s not just about hitting the rim playing basketball.

You’ve got to get in the weight room and start performing these weight training exercises.

Another great resource to check out is the #1 factor for a higher vertical jump.

My absolute go-to’s will always be any sort of bend movement that trains you to have a powerful hip extension. Adding these into your lifting sessions will really support you in adding inches to that vertical jump.Athlete Increases Vertical Jump

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