Best Bodyweight Training For Athletes

In this blog, we will discuss three strategies for achieving similar results to weight training using bodyweight exercises: escalated density training, time sets, and circuit sets. These strategies focus on progressively increasing work capacity and neural efficiency. This exercises focus on maintaining, speed, agility, and power in training, despite the absence of traditional resistance equiptment.

  • Block One: Escalated Density Training (EDT):

    • Progressive approach emphasizing increased work capacity and neural efficiency.
    • EDT involves alternating between two movements (e.g., push-ups and inverted rows) for 15 minutes, aiming to accumulate as much total work as possible.
    • Goal is to gamify and beat the total work each week, promoting gradual overload and balanced work capacity.

  • Block Two: Manipulating Volume and Time:

    • Time sets involve performing max repetitions within a set time frame (e.g., 2 minutes), with the aim of surpassing reps each week.
    • Max repetition sets focus on achieving the maximum number of reps for a specific movement, recorded and progressed weekly.
    • Circuit sets incorporate multiple movements performed in rounds, with the goal of reducing completion time each week.

  • Bodyweight Complex Training:

    • The ultimate protocol for achieving desired training stimulus is Bodyweight Complex Training.
    • Combines resistance and dynamic movements, emphasizing increased nervous system activation and power transfer.
    • Includes ISO complexes (isometric motion followed by dynamic motion) and Tempo sets (controlled eccentric and concentric motions followed by explosive dynamic motions).

These strategies are beneficial for athletes who may not have access to weights or are limited in their training options, as they provide a similar stimulus and stress to traditional weight training. The Athletic Calisthenics program offers a comprehensive plan that incorporates these strategies for optimal results in bodyweight training.  The goal of these strategies is to develop explosive strength and relative force that will translate to improved performance on the field or court. Consistency and progression are key in implementing these strategies, as gradually increasing the workload and challenging the body will lead to continuous improvements in athletic performance.



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